Monday, June 12, 2006

In Other Wars, They Were Called Mercenaries


BAGHDAD, June 10 -- The U.S. military has concluded its investigation into a video that appeared to show private security contractors shooting at civilian vehicles driving on highways in Iraq and determined that no one involved will be charged with a crime, a military spokesman in Baghdad said.

Agents with the Army's Criminal Investigation Division "reviewed the facts available concerning the incident to determine if there was any potential criminality that falls within CID's investigative purview," Maj. Timothy Keefe said in a written statement. "The review determined that no further investigative effort on the part of Army CID was warranted."

The initial online version of the video, posted in late 2005 on the site (I'm not linking to the fuckers) appeared to have been taken from a camera mounted in the rear window of a sport-utility vehicle. It contained several brief clips of cars being strafed by machine-gun fire, set to the music of the Elvis Presley song "Mystery Train." A version posted months later contained laughter and the voices of men joking with one another during the shootings.


I have extremely mixed feelings about the U.S. military, but not so much with the "contractors".

Overpaid, trigger-happy motherfuckers that deserve whatever befalls them.

And if someday sanity rears it's head in our world, perhaps there will be many many of them standing in front of the World Court charged with murder.

Maj. Timothy Keefe said in a written statement.

Hmmm... A distant kinsman working for the Dark Side.



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