Saturday, June 17, 2006

Is Haditha the Perfect Psy-Op?


From Reuters:

Haditha Defense Questions Key Videotape

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Attorneys for the U.S. Marines accused of killing unarmed Iraqi civilians in Haditha will question the authenticity of a videotape at the heart of the case and the credibility of the group that provided it, sources close to the Marines say.

The videotape, given to Time Magazine in January by the Hammurabi Human Rights Group, purports to show the aftermath of a massacre in Haditha and has prompted a U.S. military probe into the November 19 incident.

Time initially reported that the tape was shot by a "journalism student" the day after the incident and described Hammurabi as working with "the internationally respected Human Rights Watch."

The magazine subsequently issued a correction on its Web site, writing that Human Rights Watch "has no ties or association with Hammurabi."

Defense lawyers say the man described by Time as a journalism student, 43-year-old Thaer Thabit al-Hadithi, was in fact the founder of Hammurabi and one of only two employees.

"Not that a 43-year-old can't be a student or that an organization can't be two people, but these are the kinds of things that you would bring up" in court, the source said.

A lawyer for one of the Marines under investigation, who also declined to be identified, said that Hammurabi was not a known or registered human rights organization and had no track record of reporting any other abuses.

"And it turns out these two employees have family members spending time in local prisons for insurgent activity," the attorney said. "I think the origins of the tape would have been better suited if it came from somebody who really did have altruistic motives in their heart."

Abdul Rahman al-Mashhadani, director of Hammurabi Human Rights and Democracy Monitoring, declined to answer questions from Reuters about the organization.

I'm really starting to get paranoid.

Were the people at Time taken in by insurgent propaganda?

Is this part of a political assassination of John Murtha who has announced his intention to run for House Majority Leader if Democrats win (ha!) in November?

He has been trumpeting the news about the massacre far and wide.

Were the people at Time in on the whole thing?

Was there a massacre at Haditha?

It's not that I don't believe that anyone with family involved in the battle against the occupation can't tell the truth. It's that the sudden unraveling of the chain of evidence, as far as the video tape goes, is a little disturbing.

I've already heard the right-wing sites warming up their instruments to play this tune: There was no massacre. It was all insurgent propaganda.

Think that's crazy? These are the same people that managed to discredit a decorated combat veteran, John Kerry, and got a deserter, George Bush, re-elected (allegedly) during a time of war.

The same folks that ruined, absolutely freaking destroyed, Dan Rather over Bush's "fake" military records.

Either way it goes, to me it's just details. Either these Marines at Haditha executed the people there in cold blood, or they opened up with all they had on civilian dwellings after one of their own was killed by an IED.

Either way it was murder.

But as Captain Willard said in Apocalypse Now, "Charging someone with murder here is like handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500".

This could, if enough reasonable doubt is planted in the minds of the gullible public, serve to innoculate against future massacres or reports of past ones and serve to torpedo the chance of Murtha being Majority Leader.

Two large birds with one stone. The perfect psy-op.


Anonymous ML said...

I think it's just standard, desperate operating procedure: if you can't attack the message, attack the messenger. Happens to Mike Ruppert and 9-11 truth activists all the time: no one has debunked Crossing the Rubicon, but Ruppert gets smeared anyway. Imagine if everyone who filmed the 9-11 attacks were subject to the same scrutiny. You don't need to be one of the "chosen photographers" for your photos to be credible.

I filmed for copwatch for years, and never had my background or political leanings questioned, even though my video footage was used in several different court trials (ultimately proving several people not guilty).

Sat Jun 17, 02:26:00 PM  
Blogger Again said...

Two large birds with one stone. The perfect psy-op.

and it works, as you yourself prove: Trust No One (X-files)...

so accept it: Accept it that you can't trust press, police, officers, even neighbors - because the power is now truly focused on the executive, so all the power-corruptible gather around the banana-heap...

problem is, i fear, that a system like that is no longer able to learn - so you can't change it from inside...

all your american weapons of democracy do no longer work simply because a nation ruled by an absolute executive is per definitionem not a democracy, therefore needs other strategies to be defeated - and you always, always have to consider, that a nation never is totally ruled against her people. As hard as it sounds, each and every alpha male needs the betas and (as the baby-kissing proves), also the okay of the women (Konrad Lorenz) - yes even in the unbelievable case, that this ok means "culturally" accepted raping of women and children and killing of their own sons

no nation without "consent of the governed", even when those nation is not a democracy - that's the hard lesson i guess we have to learn

so you have to consider to work nearly alone in a intertwined net of interests based on "wide support" - what does that mean? Exactly what you told us - that Cui Bono has to be never, never forgotten, that "Positive Thinking" MUST be replaced by Worst-Scenario-Thinking regarding every new event, every new message, especially the ones, you WANT to become true, because the PR of the power knows how to manipulate everyone - they have both the information and the tools to simulate every "truth" you want to hear - and as Jesse MacBeth proves, they do it without hesitation, therefore poisoning the system of messages you use. Which means, that each paid messenger is no longer worth to be considered, because either HE is corrupt or (even harder to detect) his INPUT may be corrupted...

so stop using it - or try to find a way where the american PR 100% cannot be able to work through dollars and corruption - learn Chinese (simplified, a really widespread language, btw), but the hardest thing of all, i fear, is learn loneliness, because in any group of friends there may be one, only one poisoned, often by "best intentions" (you know, the "road to hell"....)

but even in that case, you found a way around the american PR, you must not forget Cuo Bono - because another PR may be really strong on that paths...

reminds me of the words of Leo Trotzki: "Maybe i can find the truth by comparing the lies."

Sun Jun 18, 03:10:00 AM  

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