Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Nemo's World: GOPogrom of the Press


Attention, citizens: In accordance with new Republikan guidelines, any exercise of free speech or freedom of the press which may serve to frustrate this government's ability to indulge its dictatorial whims in absolute secrecy will be considered Thought Crimes and severely prosecuted.

GOP bill targets NY Times
The Hill

House Republican leaders are expected to introduce a resolution today condemning The New York Times for publishing a story last week that exposed government monitoring of banking records.

The resolution is expected to condemn the leak and publication of classified documents, said one Republican aide with knowledge of the impending legislation.

The resolution comes as Republicans from the president on down condemn media organizations for reporting on the secret government program that tracked financial records overseas through the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT), an international banking cooperative.

Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R-Ariz.), working independently from his leadership, began circulating a letter to House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) during a late series of votes yesterday asking his leaders to revoke the Times' congressional press credentials. ...

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the Truth is a revolutionary act." ~ George Orwell

For additional insights on the state of the NeoConNazi State, see full version of:

A Disgraceful Attack on the New York Times
by Robert Scheer

The Bush administration's jihad against newspapers that reported on a secret program to monitor the personal-banking records of unsuspecting citizens is more important than the original story. For what the president and his spokesmen are once again asserting is that the prosecution of this ill-defined, open-ended "war on terror" inevitably trumps basic democratic rights in general and the constitutionally enshrined freedom of the press in particular. ...

Lastly, the following is proposed as a sensible Constitutional Amendment, fully in keeping with the glorious ideology of this Republikan Revolution:


An informed citizenry being the bane of sound authoritarian government, Congress hereby abolishes the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, reserving unto itself the right to abridge the freedom of the press whenever and however it damn well pleases!

"Freedom is slavery!"

"Ignorance is bliss!"

Update: June 30, 2006

Freedom of the Press Loses 220-195
by John Nichols [The Nation]

There is one -- count him, one -- Republican member of the House of Representatives who supports Freedom of the Press.

Connecticut Congressman Chris Shays was the only member of the Republican caucus to join Democrats in opposing a House resolution that condemns news organizations for providing the American people with information about what their government is doing in their name but without their informed consent.

The non-binding resolution, rushed onto the House floor after President Bush and Vice President Cheney launched a public relations war against the New York Times for published leaked details of a Treasury Department effort to monitor bank transfers, was endorsed by a vote of 220-195 Thursday.

Voting to take a swipe at the Constitution were 219 Republicans and Louisiana Democrat Charlie Melancon.

Voting to protect and preserve the First Amendment were 194 Democrats and Shays. ...

Perhaps it's time the House "Republicans" just drop their pretenses and openly dub themselves Facsists. The GOP has clearly become the party of Totalitarian rule.

~ Nemo


Blogger Again said...

as robert mentioned it the first time, i thought of a witchhunt - but i guess, a profit-oriented company like the Times can't stand it for a long time

for the the Goebbels technique works, it's just that simple

The Goebbels technique, also known as argumentum ad nauseam, is the name given to a policy of repeating a lie until it is taken to be the truth

and when the Goebbels technique had worked, the mass is controlled and stops buying from "jews" - and then the profit-oriented company NYT must write what sells...

btw: what a GREAT nation America must have been in times, when the NYT was one of the most honest papers on Earth...

Thu Jun 29, 12:46:00 AM  
Anonymous Nemo said...

Again: More and more it looks like Joseph Goebbels would nowadays be PROUD to call himself a Republican in Amerika. Some of his "best" propaganda techniques are currently *standard* ploys for our own GOP.

Sat Jul 01, 01:50:00 AM  
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