Friday, June 23, 2006

Stop them before they discuss again!


This is the second time I'm writing this because, let's all say it together: Blogger sucks donkey balls. The first version went poof when I tried to save it to draft. It actually made that sound! Poof! And I swear I heard laughter.

Seriously, if I hadn't already gone to all the trouble of tweaking this thing and linking all over creation I would look for greener pastures. This is getting ridiculous.

Thanks to Barnita for the link that inspired this, it's all her fault.

WE HAVE FOILED THE EVIL DOERS is what the media is trumpeting today.

US authorities have arrested at least seven men over an alleged plot to blow up the Sears Tower skyscraper in Chicago and officials said more arrests were likely.
The seven were detained in Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) raids in Miami and were to make their first court appearance, officials said.

Media reports citing unnamed officials said five US citizens and two foreigners, including a Haitian, had organized a plot to attack the 110-story, 442-meter (1,450-foot) Sears Tower, the world's third tallest building, and other buildings in Miami.

Wow! A great day for our freedoms! I feel safer already!

Here comes the money shot:

"The individuals arrested posed no immediate threat to our community," the US attorney's office in Miami said in statement.


These guys had no money, no weapons, no explosives. They were infiltrated by an FBI informant who says they were planning to go on a rampage of naughtiness. And as we all know, the FBI's reputation for honesty is second to none.

I know, I know. You can't wait for these guys to make something go boom before you arrest them. But how about we catch them with firecrackers or at least smoke bombs. Alledgedly they had been taking pictures of local buildings.



But the media, oh dear god the media.....

The media is making this out as a major blow to Al Qaeda, when it's more like the FBI put a stop to a role playing game that got out of hand.

Which is why ABC News' Pierre Thomas had to go out of his way on this evening's news broadcast to point out that "After 9/11 even being a terrorist wanna-be can get you thrown in jail".

I swear he actually said that.

With a straight face.

Then Brian Ross in ABC's studio repeated it for some reason.


Don't even think about being a supposed, maybe...sort of.... terrorist.

Debbie"I'm an evil blonde too" Schlussel already has evidence that these guys were hard-core Al Qaeda operatives. And evidence that they watched TV.


As with the highly-praised death of al-Zarqawi, I'm underwhelmed.

I expect we'll see many more of these busts as we edge closer to the elections in November.

THE EVIL ELEC.... oh never mind.


Anonymous Naomi said...

Myself, I think it's all the doings of those fatasses, Karl Rove and Grover Norquist.

I've been saying for a coupla weeks that things are going to get interesting again, now that the election is coming and GWB doesn't want to be impeached if the Dems take control. Well, the interesting times they are a-happening.

They scuttled the "color of terror" chart. So now they have to show that they're efficient and vigilant. What a load of crap.

Remember this? On the day that FBI specialist Colleen Rowley was testifying before the faux 9/11 investigation committee, the uber-religionista, John Ashcroft, pre-empted it by broadcasting *live* from Moscow that they had arrested an islamic terrorist in Chicago who was (thinking of) planning to explode a dirty-bomb. Poor schlub is still waiting for his trial and the Justice Department is still stalling, despite Federal Judges ordering them to do so. What a load of crap.

Despite the seriousness and the tragedy of 9/11 in and to the U.S. and despite capabilities of our FBI/CIA, the Europeans countries have caught and prosecuted more terrorists than we have (during the administration of the "chimp"). I'll name the ones I can remember and depend on others to supply the ones I missed.
1. John Walker Lind
2. Zacharias Moussawi
3. ? Reid (the shoe-bomber)
4. Some poor father&son in Lodi CA. Father deported, son in prison (a veteran FBI specialist, now retired, examined the A/V of son's FBI interview and wasn't allowed to testify that the agents who interviewed son had been "leading" him into a confession) Does that one count? What a load of crap!

What's that smell? Just circuit melt-down in my brain...

We should expect more of this from the BushCo before November's election. And I expect nothing less from them. If they can't win, they may just declare martial law and shut down the web. What a load of crap!

Are you "skeert" yet?


Sat Jun 24, 12:42:00 AM  
Anonymous Naomi said...

And I forget to mention a notion I've been entertaining for a while...

The FBI has probably investigated and infiltrated lots more groups. But Rove and Bush have left them alone, intending to use a series of "raids" to the benefit of the Reps re-elections. Kinda like having a whole deck up your sleeve and winning hand after hand after hand...

And consider this: Bush says the N/Koreans are ready to launch a long-range missile capable of carrying a nuclear payload. However, the S/Koreans said "nuh-uh". Another Rove ploy? We're in the election "silly season", aren't we?

Possible? Tell me I'm wrong. Wouldn't be the first or last time...

Naomi (who has nightmares about another Ohio election-surprise going nationwide)

Sat Jun 24, 12:59:00 AM  
Blogger Again said...

Debbie"I'm an evil blonde too" Schlussel already has evidence that

so now you see - how the SS worked...

not because of that few Men In Black, no, because of that everywhere-army of "helping hands" (better helping ears and mouths)....

These guys had no money, no weapons, no explosives. They were infiltrated by an FBI informant who says they were planning to go on a rampage of naughtiness.

the same story happened here in Germany - the secret service here infiltrated the nationalist party to prove that they work outside constitution...

but the judges ruled that a "truth" forced by infiltration can't be called a truth - and as sad as it might be to let ultra-right-wings go, it is more honest than to impeach them for something you don't know if they ever would have done it without the "help" of the infiltrators...

simply because one of the basic principles of justice is: in dubio pro reo

no pre-emption allowed in justice (our problem with stalkers, btw, but that's not purely the same, since stalkers really DO something) - because a crime in the head may just stay there, may just stay fantasy, beaten by the decent parts of that same head

so i guess, "pre-emptive" police-work like that mentioned above only says one thing about the nation using those policies: there is NO decency left in the heads to stop such thoughts - or at least no decency assumed...

Sat Jun 24, 02:00:00 AM  
Blogger Robert said...

In my original post before blogger ate it I had elaborated on ABC News' evening coverage of the arrests in Miami. They showed footage of surveilance of a kid in his early twenties being shown a van-load of explosives and weapons by an FBI operative. This kid was nervously laughing while the agent kept asking him if this is what he needed for "his mission". They mentioned no names just said the suspect was now in jail for his "plot".

It was followed by a priceless quote from a defense lawyer "The US brags about foiling "home grown" terror but the FBI is providing the soil and the water for the growth".

By the way, Again, 11:00 AM here and in the background on TV, Germany VS Sweden.

Sat Jun 24, 08:07:00 AM  
Blogger Robert said...

Holy shit! Goal for Germany at 3:57!

Sat Jun 24, 08:08:00 AM  
Blogger Again said...

Holy shit! Goal for Germany at 3:57!

yes - you could hear it through the whole village ;-) after the second goal they started to go on a more "sparing" way of game....

the whole nation is "on fire" now - awaiting Argentinia...

who would have thought that 6 months ago? Even the noFans feared to be ashamed by the team at that time...

in the night i stumbled (Discovery Channel) across the famous game Netherlands-Germany 1:2 - where the better team really was Netherlands, so the Dutch openly mocked about the Germans on the playground - and there was this sentence of a Dutch player in the reportage: "never humiliate Germans, it makes them really angry" (but actually i guess, THAT's typically human ;-) )

what amazes me so much is the long-lasting power of memory - the Dutch until now mourn about this and that in that game...

Sun Jun 25, 03:57:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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