Saturday, July 29, 2006

Nemo's World: A Farewell to Freedom


Now it appears they're trying to flush the Bill of Rights COMPLETELY "down the memory hole"! The audacity of these Fascist bastards in even *proposing* such an overtly Totalitarian measure goes far *beyond* any concept of "astounding".

Franklin Delano Roosevelt -- an *honorable* US President -- wisely advised in the midst of the Great Depression, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." But fear it we must!! For what we are now witnessing is the "ripening" of the inevitable fruits of the Politics of Fear so cynically employed by the Bush Regime: relentless erosions and outright eliminations of the very Constitutional freedoms that *define* America. This "presidency", so utterly unlike Roosevelt's own, is vigorously striving to put the US on a fast track to Fascist dictatorship.

This Rogue Regime MUST be stopped! As things stand already, we may not even *make* it to the next (assuredly rigged) elections with any *semblance* of a Constitutional Democracy left intact. The "writing" has long been on the wall. Now this "administration" -- as unmistakable a "wolf in sheep's clothing" as has ever occupied the White House -- is attempting to chisel it in permanently, as Totalitarian "law".

Bush Submits New Terror Detainee Bill
Associated Press

U.S. citizens suspected of terror ties might be detained indefinitely and barred from access to civilian courts under legislation proposed by the Bush administration ...

According to the draft, the military would be allowed to detain all "enemy combatants" until hostilities cease. The bill defines enemy combatants as anyone "engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners who has committed an act that violates the law of war and this statute."

Legal experts said Friday that such language is dangerously broad and could authorize the military to detain indefinitely U.S. citizens who had only tenuous ties to terror networks like al Qaeda. ...

Scott L. Silliman, a retired Air Force Judge Advocate, said the broad definition of enemy combatants is alarming because a U.S. citizen loosely suspected of terror ties would lose access to a civilian court - and all the rights that come with it. Administration officials have said they want to establish a secret court to try enemy combatants that factor in realities of the battlefield and would protect classified information.

The administration's proposal, as considered at one point during discussions, would toss out several legal rights common in civilian and military courts, including barring hearsay evidence, guaranteeing "speedy trials" and granting a defendant access to evidence. The proposal also would allow defendants to be barred from their own trial and likely allow the submission of coerced testimony. ...

"... Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"
~ Patrick Henry, 1775

~ Nemo [a future PUTATIVE "enemy combatant"]


Anonymous Barnita said...

Unreal - I don't think I can even comprehend the wording of such a bill - recent(US)legislation reported by the press keep getting more and more surreal - like stepping back in time. In my part of the world - we are still figuring out ways to do things the right way - we're trying to move forward- our laws are being made ppl-friendly (at least from the looks of things, the Government has realized we need things to be educated about our government and it activities and they've introduced acts like Right to Information Act -and the future looks good to us in more ways than one- but out in the west, in what we call the 'modern' countries, you know, the free world and all that - you're just stepping back - back -back - its really strange.

Sun Jul 30, 01:47:00 AM  
Blogger Robert said...

Scathing and brilliant, my friend. Your best yet.

Well, this ups the ante a bit. Considering the broad language of the Patriot Act, which covers offences like "offering material support for terrorism", the days of dissent may indeed be numbered.

Barnita nailed the exact word for this: surreal.

The fact of this particular administration offering such a legislation doesn't surprise me. The fact that there aren't howls of protest in the House and Senate does. Perhaps that will be something that has to build as more people hear about this.

I'm not optimistic considering the loyal opposition's actions thus far, but we shall see.

Sun Jul 30, 08:32:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also feel the same. If this administration don't put an end to all that is good, it will be a miracle.

Parenting is one of the things that I feel has gone "bad". One can not even discipline their children any longer with the old tried and true methods of a good ole fashined spanking. - I had many in my childhood and am a much better person for it today.

Outraged about parenting, I have put up a web site you may wish to visit about parenting

Sun Jul 30, 05:50:00 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

I have a feeling the above is some odd sort of spam. But I will respond anyway..

"One can not even discipline their children any longer with the old tried and true methods of a good ole fashined spanking. - I had many in my childhood and am a much better person for it today."

Really? Well how about the next time I disagree with something you do,I punch you in your godddamned face?

Violence is violence you prick. Peddle that shit somewhere else.

Ahhh...much better.

Mon Jul 31, 01:57:00 AM  
Blogger Again said...

you're just stepping back - back -back - its really strange.

more than strange...

sheer sadness...

it is the feeling of getting old - you say, future looks good to you. That's good, that's how life should be - and exactly that may be the true reason why we all here are so angry about the Fascists - they show us, that all our hopes are just a Hollywood-thing:

"High hopes" - created, written and directed by the rich people which sometimes allow their slaves to feel good and sometimes decide to punish them - carrots and the sticks for the donkeys...

that's how at least i feel beneath the feet of the Aristocracy we thought to have beaten - and the saddest thing is that most of the other people around us cheer the carrots and accept the sticks without pride and the least piece of wish for freedom and independence. People get the masters, they deserve - hope at least you in India will learn the lesson: Power corrupts the rich, but stability lulls the poor. Even a short time without hard blows by the masters is enough that the slaves start to forget them. If you want to protect democracy you have to be aware of both: No leader without follower, no alpha without betas, gammas down to omegas, no master without slave...

actually i guess, the eagerness of the common people to be and stay slave is the greater risk for freedom than well shaved alpha chimps in expensive custom-made suits with more or less brain....

(sorry for raging - just have read Riverbends last post)

Violence is violence you prick. Peddle that shit somewhere else.

Ahhh...much better.

me, too - thanks...

Mon Jul 31, 07:54:00 AM  
Anonymous Nemo said...

Robert: Can't say I agree with your sentiments on "corporal punishment". But look at it this way: If George W. Bush had just once received the "comeuppance" he so richly deserved at several points in his early life (including, quite likely, childhood spankings), would he be anything like the obnoxious, overprivileged, spoiled, insensitive and utterly amoral PRICK he is? ==== I think "Spare the rod and spoil the child" has some validity to it. And in Bush's case, it seems likely the rod was spared incessantly and senselessly. (Come to think of it, it's still being senseslessly spared!) ;-)

Tue Aug 01, 03:21:00 AM  
Anonymous Nemo said...

Moreover, illlustrating the unparalleled hypocrisy manifested, this Hitlerian "legislation" is the product of a "26+-time Loser", criminally speaking. Whereas Dubya's Regime has *demonstrably* violated numerous statutes, international treaties, and the Constitution itself, this latest Diktat would have the military detain Americans *indefinitely* and deny them their Constititional rights strictly on the basis of "suspicion"!: Dems: Bush Has Broken 26 Statutes, by Justin Rood [] ==== The Bush administration may have broken over two dozen federal laws and regulations - some of them multiple times - according to an unreleased report from the House Judiciary Committee Democrats. ==== "The misconduct I have found is not only serious, but widespread," reads a draft summary of the report by Ranking Member John Conyers (D-MI): ==== "The laws implicated by the Administration's actions include federal laws against making false statements to congress [sic]; federal laws and international treaties prohibiting torture and cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment; federal laws concerning retaliating against witnesses and other government employees; Executive Orders concerning leaking and other misuse of intelligence; federal regulations and ethical requirements governing conflicts of interest; the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act; communications privacy laws; the National Security Act; and the Fourth Amendment." ==== The document, an update to the Democrats' December 2005 report, "A Constitution in Crisis," will be released later this week, according to knowledgeable sources. It is several hundred pages long, with over a thousand footnotes. ...

Wed Aug 02, 12:05:00 AM  
Anonymous Nemo said...

Barnita: "Surreal" is *exactly* the right word for this, as Robert aptly pointed out. While India is obviously moving forward, as you said, living is the USA is increasingly akin to living in "The Twilight Zone" ==== We *once* had a fairly robust Freedom of Information Act in this country, but the Bush Reich has managed to largely hobble it through its "benign" dictatorial notions of secrecy. (Wouldn't want those "terrorists" being able to find out the unadulterated TRUTH about Reagan's and Papa Bush's complicity in the illegal Iran-Contra scam et al., now would we?) ==== Robert: I can't say I'm "surprised" at this development either. With this contemptible junta, the old adage, "Expect disappointment and you won't be disappointed," takes on *profound* new heights of meaning. I'm getting relatively used to the idea of utter REVULSION (and accompanying violent impulses) being a *daily* experience. (Oh, and thanks very much for the kind praise! Though I didn't say so explicitly, I also strongly suspect the above "parenting" post is a spam come-on. But the notion of that Bush boy getting the "whooping" he so clearly deserves provides an enormously pleasant bit of imagery.)

Wed Aug 02, 12:39:00 AM  
Anonymous Barnita said...

Aaaah - but thats the scam! The thing is - the right to info act I mentioned- its far from perfect, in fact in it's tiny life span - its already being hailed as another money mint for corrupt, bribe-addicted-Indi-bureaucrats - but nevertheless, even its highly imperfect and hypocritic facets are better than the state of utter political and administrative ignorance prevalent amongst even the more educated Indians. I like to think of the RTI Act like a babu in his ppl funded imported AC car, stopping at a traffic signal on the way to a party at a 5 star hotel, to give a 2 rupees coin to a limbless beggar on a broken wooden platform *( a common sight at most any traffic signal in India) - its a useless act of charity that helps no one. In 2 rupees, you get half a glass of tea or some mints and that's all. Sad isn't it.

Wed Aug 02, 04:36:00 AM  

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