Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A picture's worth a thousand tears


Thanks to Barnita, for pointing to B's post. I don't know how parents in war zones do it. I would be terrified. I guess you just react and react until you get somewhere safe and can fall all to pieces. I've looked at war through lots of different filters, but this is the first I've looked at as a parent.

Looking through fear-colored glasses.


Blogger Die for the Elite said...

Looks like Israel's enemies will be able to defend themselves the civilized way: with advanced weaponry.

Hamas, Hezbollah to purchase 250 F-16 fighters.

Wed Jul 26, 06:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Nemo said...

Robert: It's a stunning piece of writing -- one of the best I've seen from B. And I viewed the link site, as well. Though I'm somewhat jaded to scenes of death from past experience, the carnage and utter devastation of Lebanon (as must also surely be the case in Palestine now) are truly horrific. NO ONE should ever be subjected to such indiscriminate brutality! That's the very reason the Geneva Conventions and Nuremberg Protocols were adopted. The state of Israel is now up to its ears in utterly savage war crimes which rival those of the Third Reich. So I sincerely hope that all those Israeli officials responsible are made to suffer severely for their callously inhuman choices, just as I hope our own US war criminals ultimately receive their "just desserts". ==== I also feel a bitter pang of empathy for those in Israel who do NOT support this officially sanctioned bloodbath. As I understand it, they actually constitute the *majority*. But their government is apparently no more responsive to their desires than our own is to ours. ("Representative democracy", my ass! We are clearly living in a carefully managed, *Neo-Totalitarian* society where "democracy" has become all but an illusion. Even as the 2006 elections rapidly approach, our "vote" is still arguably a meaningless [Diebold] joke.) Nevertheless, my greatest sympathies are with the people of Lebanon, who have been made the victims of a wholly malevolent *Israeli* holocaust. The irony inherent in that foul turnabout is truly inescapable.

Thu Jul 27, 12:54:00 AM  
Anonymous Barnita said...

Representative democracy", my ass!

I really would love to see pictures of Israelis protesting against their Government's acts.

BTW, just curious - but Israelis have that compulsary military service thing as well don't they?

Thu Jul 27, 01:14:00 AM  
Anonymous Nemo said...

Barnita: There is ONE photo I've seen in this coverage of the Tel Aviv protests. But frankly, it seems intentionally propagandistic to me, and doesn't really depict that protest of THOUSANDS described, as you'll undoubtedly see. Still, I must say I rather *like* those colorful T-shirts and flags myself! :-) : Tel Aviv: Thousands Rally against War [Yedioth News, Israel; July 24, 2006] ==== Thousands march in Tel Aviv to protest Lebanon fighting, call on soldiers to refuse taking part in war. Clashes with passersby erupt during event, activists called 'traitors'

Fri Jul 28, 02:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Barnita said...

That feels better. :(

Sun Jul 30, 01:19:00 AM  
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