Wednesday, July 12, 2006



I have not been blogging heavily about the situation in Palestine and now Lebanon because frankly, there's not much to say which is not obvious.

Israel has now called up reserves and they seem hell-bent on setting a match to the powder keg that the region has been for a generation.

Am I outraged? Yes.

But I'm resigned. I believe these incursions may be part of the grand scheme of things. I've already called it the American/Israeli War Against Islam and that's exactly what it is.

The Un-Holy war.

Sure, maybe after a few hundred or few thousand casualties things will settle back down again.

Whatever that means in region under brutal and creeping occupation from two nuclear-armed bullies.

Or Israel may finally decide that with the slide into fascism here in America proceeding apace, and the UN becoming less than a joke, that there's no longer any reason to hide their true intentions in the region.

I'm following this closely but I honestly don't know what to say that's not painfully evident to anyone with honesty and clarity of thought.

"Never Again" has rang out across the sands for decades, a rallying cry for cowardly, bloodthirsty nations to hide their dark deeds behind. Now we simply see the deadly fruit of that bitter harvest.

And the taste is death.


Anonymous ML said...

Sure, maybe after a few hundred or few thousand casualties things will settle back down again.

We have a few hundred thousand dead in Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan. The magic number is 6 million. However, you may not mention the holocaust until another 6 million have died: it's disrespectful to survivors to try and prevent atrocities with historical comparisons.

Wed Jul 12, 09:10:00 PM  
Anonymous ML said...

How much ideological difference is there between the self-proclaimed Master Race and the self-proclaimed Chosen Ones?

Hint: the latter have been at it 50 years longer than Hitler.

Footnote: The author in the link is Michael J. Broyde, a law professor at Emory University and rabbi of the Young Israel synagogue in Atlanta. Isn't advocating torture a terrorist act according to the Patriot Act? When does this scumbag get sent to Guantanamo?

Wed Jul 12, 09:37:00 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

From the article:

"We all pray for a time when the world will be a peace "

We make the peace. We dream it. We do it.

Justice brings peace.

You stupid bastard.

Wed Jul 12, 11:44:00 PM  
Anonymous ML said...

Gazing into my crystal bong, a vision of tomorrow's Washington Post headline appeared:

Israeli Foreign Ministry Mum On Airstrike Targeting Gaza Foreign Ministry

And the last sentence, same WP story:

As of this writing, Gaza's Foreign Ministry has not responded to the Post's inquiries.

Ironic Musing of the Day...

I wonder if Gilad Shalit was being held at Gaza's Interior Ministry?

Wed Jul 12, 11:51:00 PM  
Anonymous Barnita said...

Good mornin - (Yawn)Someone asked me what was going on in the middle east yesterday. I spent 45 minutes yesterday trying to explain to my colleague why the poor Israelis are such bastards. Despite being Jews and all. And IO tried to explain the bigger picture - the AMerican / Israeli camp and all - He couldn't comprehend - in the end he went back to telling me why Muslims are such a vile bunch when they're in large groups! He couldn't see the basic deifference between right and wrong. I wanna bang my head on the wall - its easier and less painful than trying to convince some hindus that Muslims are victims too...Cya'll at work :)

Thu Jul 13, 12:49:00 AM  
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