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Death To Israel?


I'm a child of the 70's.

So my first exposure to American culture had some remarkable milestones. Star Wars, Jaws, The Six-Million Dollar Man, Kroft Super Show, and Good Times are but a few of the great, and not so great, television and film memories I carry.

But mixed into the warm memories of watching Steve Austin run in that cool slow motion is the first understanding that all things in the world were not sweetness and light.

In 1977, the mini-series Roots exposed me for the first time, along with a great many Americans, to the horrors that were an everyday occurrence during the years that slavery was legal in this country. I will never forget seeing Levar Burton as Kunta Kinte tied and lashed with a bullwhip. I was confused, frightened, and fascinated. I was six years old.

Now, you may ask what a six-year-old was doing watching a program with such obviously adult themes as Roots. There are a couple of reasons: In the 70's many parents still had the faith that if it was shown on television it was OK. Cable, and all of it's racy goodness, was still a few years away and the Big Three networks generally kept the mayhem out of the living rooms of the American people. The other reason I saw those wrenching scenes was that my parents were not exactly what you would call vigilant about what I was doing at any given time. That would turn out to be quite wonderful when cable did finally arrive. By the time I was ten-years-old I was a veritable fountain of knowledge on human sexuality, but that's another story.....

The incredible success of Roots must have shown the networks that people were interested in history if it's told in the acceptable narrative, because the following year, 1978, came the mini-series Holocaust.

By now I was all of seven years old and deep into what was to be a lifetime obsession with all things fantasy and sci-fi. I had the obligatory child-of-the-70's life-changing experience of seeing Star Wars for the first time, and I was hooked.

Still, as an American child I had little understanding of actual violence. Sure, I would slay legions of Imperial Stormtroopers or Cylons with my trusty laser six-shooter, and I even knew, vaguely what a war was. I knew war was a bad thing. I knew this because we had just finished fighting a war in someplace called vietnam. It was always referred to in whispers. As in "He's hooked on drugs because of Vietnam. " and "He doesn't like loud noises because of Vietnam."

I didn't know where Vietnam was, but there was a war there and it was bad.

So as fall approached, promos for a new mini-series began to air. Holocaust. I had never heard that word before. Asking the adults in my life proved to raise more questions still. A kind of blank stare followed by vague things like " Lots of people died". For the most part I might have given the whole thing a pass in favor of something with robots and explosions but for the disclaimer at the end of each promo: "Parental discretion is advised." Well, hell. To a curious seven-year-old that was like saying"There is something here you really need to see".

Now let me say at this point, for those that don't know, I was raised in the South by wacky Fundamentalist Christians. At this stage in my life I didn't know there was such a thing as different religions. And my understanding of ethnicity went as far as knowing that there were black people and white people and maybe some strange people with different eye shapes. Shogun was still a couple of years away.

I certainly knew not one thing about Jews. Odd for someone who was raised hearing the Old Testament at exhaustive length, but I'm convinced many American Christians don't like to think about the fact that Jesus was a Jew. Certainly all the artist depictions I had seen did not cast him in a Semitic light.

So I tuned in to watch Holocaust. Sure enough, before the movie started they aired once again that warning. But this time with a twist, "The following program is for mature audiences and contains graphic depictions of violence and nudity". Wow! Violence and nudity. I had certainly picked a winner!

I was hopelessly lost, of course. Having no frame of reference for the events unfolding, all I understood was that these people in the uniforms had a serious dislike for the people with the odd accents. These Jews. I don't recall how many nights I watched. At least three, I think.

But it all faded into the Scene. When I think of it, that's what I think. The Scene. In the Scene the Germans (I was later to find out specifically the Nazis, more specifically the SS) had forced a large group of Jewish prisoners to dig a trench. Then they made them strip. There, at last was nudity. But not of the kind I had desired. These were scared and crying people who tried vainly to cover themselves and to preserve a bit of dignity. Some knew what was coming, some were confused. They were told to stand, side by side, in this vast pit. They were then gunned down by soldiers standing above and behind them with machine guns.

But that description, any description, could not do it justice. I was seven years old and for the first time I saw what cold-blooded murder was. I saw what genocide was. I can still see the bullets hitting them in the back and them falling in the pit. I can still remember my confusion. I knew this was a true story. I knew this had happened. But I couldn't for the life of me think of why these people had to die in this coldly calculated way. Many children have had much, much more difficult introductions to the real world, but this was enough to color my view of the Jewish people and Israel for the rest of my life.

I have since learned how much even that graphic representation had spared me. How the children were there too. How not everyone died quickly. And how that sad line of exposed and bullet-ridden flesh was repeated over and over thousands of times.

I have never forgotten the Scene.

I know personally several people who deny the Holocaust happened. I had a good friend that I eventually parted company with because of an obsession with Jewish conspiracies. In supporting Palestinian rights you run up against a great deal of anti-Semitism disguised as concern for human rights. Another good friend recently expressed surprise that I didn't hate the Jews considering how angry I've been as of late about Israel's conduct.

It made me pause.

I do not hate Jews. I do not hate the people of Israel. I hate the policies of the Israeli government. I hate the IDF soldiers who shoot down children in the street. I hate the Israeli pilots that target ambulances. I hate the fact that many citizens of Israel are content to allow their government to lay waste to the Palestinian people.

Hear me well, my friends. I believe the Jewish people deserve a homeland of their own. No people have a greater reason for wanting the security of their own state.

But in the formation and "defense" of that homeland, Israel has become the great evil they once feared. In their refusal to deal fairly with the people of Palestine, they have turned the entire world against them. In their recent invasion of Lebanon, they have shown little regard for human life and the sovereignty of nations. They will pay for what they have done in the past month for decades to come. And the currency will be the blood of Israeli citizens. Every time they try to bring security with the gun and the bomb, they push real security farther away. The old saying still applies: without justice, there can be no peace.

Israel has backed itself into a corner and I don't think they know how to get out of it. I feel pity for them as much as anything else. Their future stretches before them filled with unending violence. Just as I have said of the United States, the days until a devastating nuclear or biological attack on Israel are numbered. Too much hate and too many available weapons make it inevitable.

The reign of the Bush administration and the neo-cons has shown me that governments can do horrible things despite the objections of large numbers of citizens. It is perhaps one of the most bitter lessons I have learned in my life. I know there are large numbers of Israelis that only want to live in peace. Israelis who want justice.

So when I hear cries of "death to Israel" or similar calls for the destruction of the Jews, I look at what my government has done. And I think that if Israel deserves to be destroyed then perhaps we all deserve it. If "death to Israel" is the answer, then we are all truly lost to the abyss.

And if the day comes that we bring back the machine gun and the pit, rather than be a part of it, rather than watch it happen, I would prefer to take my place beside my fellow humans and face the bullets with them.


Anonymous B said...

Wow! Great piece of writing, Robert. It's amazing that in spite of your upbringing you evolved into a very caring and wise soul.

Sat Aug 05, 02:47:00 AM  
Anonymous Nemo said...

Robert: For a truly astounding counterpoint to the prevailing "conventional wisdom" (and a painful dose of reality), I can't recommend the following highly enough! I've long considered myself fairly savvy to what's really going on in the slimey world of Washington politics. But Zunes' report completely ripped the shell off several government-sponsored myths I'd never even *thought* to question. ==== Insofar as Israel and Hezbollah are concerned, along with related peripheral issues, it seems we've been deliberately *duped* by this government -- ALL of it! Not only is the term "terrorism" being cynically manipulated for strictly political ends, even its alleged adherents are being purposefully misidentified, with no justification whatsoever, simply to further the DC Establishment's desired goals. ==== If you considered Juan Cole's earlier revelation a "bombshell" -- I know I did -- this one's unmistakably "radioactive"!: Jihad Against Hezbollah, by Stephen Zunes.[Foreign Policy In Focus].

Sun Aug 06, 02:58:00 AM  
Blogger Again said...

Wow! Great piece of writing, Robert.

wholeheartedly agree!

It's amazing that in spite of your upbringing you evolved into a very caring and wise soul.

people can learn - and (don't beat me!) Mother Nature designed us primarily as "good". And the more intelligent, the more you understand, that there are "intelligent" ways of life and stupid ones...

you just have to get the chance to understand (that's why all religions and dictatorships want to dominate education)...

btw, Robert...

i've not much time in the last weeks, so i couldn't read your post before i replied to nemo on "Benificent Israel", but i guess, you've said it much, much better than i did. And yes, i guess "then perhaps we all deserve it. If 'death to Israel' is the answer, then we are all truly lost to the abyss" is what i tried to say with "nice dying"....

problem is, that with the current "we want the Total War"-show Israel doesn't do much to convince her enemies that she is willing and able to make compromises to get peace...

we must stop brute force - and to do so, we first must stop thinking that brute force is a "good" tool

in a human life, all starts in brain...

Sun Aug 06, 08:57:00 AM  
Blogger Robert said...

Thanks guys for the kind words. I know it's a bit simplistic to break down such complex issues to one boy's first exposure to the Holocaust, but that's what I keep thinking of in this time of what Again so rightly said, Total War.
If this is the way the game is to be played, if might is always going tp be right, we are lost and I'm agraid of what it may take to find our way back.

Hey B. Glad to see you back. As far as me, caring yes.


Sun Aug 06, 02:23:00 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

Hmmm Nemo...

That's quite the interesting link.

It seems all roads lead to Iran. This would be frightening enough if America was thinking of sending in conventional forces to Iran. However, we don't have anymore conventional forces to send so I guess a couple of nice "tactical" nukes will have to do.

I had terrible feelings of foreboding during the run-up to the Iraq disaster, but this is so much worse. This would put us in a category beyond the darkest dreams of the Third Reich.

Sun Aug 06, 05:13:00 PM  
Blogger Again said...

This would put us in a category beyond the darkest dreams of the Third Reich.

only because of the "state of the art" of techniques - if you look at what we call "Empires", they are always based on the "best, most efficient and effective" way of doing harm unto others. The first Chinese Emperor? First he killed masses of people, then he forced the rest to obey by killing the disobedient, then he installed a system of bureaucracy to protect "his" assets - and because he did the latter quite well, they call him "a great emperor", simply because all those "Pax based on Weapons" simply work because humankind has been beaten by the rules of alpha-chimps long ago - and so the humans act like all chimps: they prefer the strongest alpha as long as the slavery doesn't hurt that much and that many and he is strong enough to stop the other alphas - at least for a while. (If i would be cynical, i would say, that's what the Neocons forgot in Iraq - they could have done everything after Hussein, as long as they were at least sligthly less hurting than this dictator).

Then Alexander - because his father invented the "Standing Army", he was used to war strategies from the cradle - and he was used to kill anybody without hesitation - that does make him "the great conquerer" because of his "brilliant strategies" to overpower the half-professionals and amateurs of war. The Romans invented "modern organisation structures" in their standing army, the Huns brought shock and awe with the "Hun Bowe".

The ability to kill and maim masses is not dependent on the evil minds or acts of people, just depends on the state of art of organisation and weaponry to fulfill the killing and maiming. That's why the Third Reich is - until now - such a monster-thing, but as long as humankind invests more energy, time and souls in weaponry than in any intelligent use, the next Empire will be able to be darker = more efficient and effective in killing, maiming and subduing.

Give chimps nukes and they will also be able to break the record - do you know that chimps organize paramilitary groups to hunt members of other chimp-groups, preferably mothers with babies (because the mother is handicapped with the little) - and then they rend both and eat them (and i don't know if they care if both are dead)?

i guess, that's hardly a comfort for you, sorry, that there is only "one" category of war criminals - and that you shouldn't measure them in their "ability" of mass murdering, but simply in their willingness to do so...

(btw: can please anybody explain me "Killology". Is it what i believe it to be???)

Mon Aug 07, 06:19:00 AM  
Anonymous Nemo said...

And in typically *Israeli* style ...: Iraqi PM Incensed at American Raid on Shia Militia Stronghold [The Times Online UK] ==== A clear rift opened between the Iraqi Prime Minister and the American military yesterday after Nouri al-Maliki lashed out at his allies for raiding the stronghold of a powerful Shia militia. ... ==== The Iraqi leader said that yesterday's raid on Sadr City, stronghold of the Mahdi Army, which is accused of running death squads, had damaged his efforts to convince political parties to stand down their militias. ==== American officials have said that the attack, which used airstrikes on the densely populated Shia slum, targeted a specific cell responsible for murdering Sunnis. When the troops went in, however, they triggered a two-hour battle with Mahdi Army fighters, who run the Shia fiefdom of the hardline cleric Moqtada al-Sadr. ==== Mr. al-Maliki, a Shia, said: "I am very sorry for what happened. Such aircraft attacks are unjustifiable on a vulnerable residential area like Sadr City under the pretext of arresting one person." ... ==== [Agreed. There is no way to justify such blatant war crimes as "legitimate" military operations. They are merely acts of savagery against civilians, like those perpretrated by the Israelis in Lebanon and elsewhere. We two rogue nations -- the US and Israel -- have become the world's "Twin Huns".]

Wed Aug 09, 03:33:00 AM  
Anonymous Nemo said...

"Our" military, much like "our" government, seems to be almost completely out of control! Is this the very reason the Bush Reich sought total immunity from the International Criminal Court -- its recognition that it would in fact be condoning, even *encouraging* the most vicious types of war crimes imaginable? ==== And how many of the individuals referred to below are at all likely to receive much more than a "slap on the wrist" for their truly heinous crimes, while utterly *victimless* domestic "drug offenders" can receive a MANDATORY *25 years* imprisonment for a "third offense"?: Brutal US Attack on Unarmed Afghans Captured by Photos [The Independent / UK] ==== Claims that US troops shot dead up to six unarmed Afghan civilians two months ago in Kabul have been given added credibility with a series of photographs offering visual evidence of military misconduct. ==== The pictures were taken by an Afghan passer-by on 29 May in Khair Kane, a district of north Kabul. The 20 photographs appear to show a group of unarmed Afghan civilians being killed by gunfire from an American Humvee. ==== The allegations made in Kabul follow other recent incidents in which US troops are alleged to have used disproportionate or reckless force against civilians, most notably in Haditha, Iraq, on 19 November 2005 when US troops allegedly killed 15 civilians. ==== The Kabul pictures were taken as American vehicles fled the scene of an accident in which several Afghans were killed and injured after a US Army truck lost control and hit a number of civilian vehicles. Shot from a hillside above where the original accident took place, they show a crowd of Afghans throwing stones at the American vehicles. ==== A sequence of pictures show US vehicles leaving at high speed as the crowd stones them. In one sequence, a clearly unarmed Afghan man is seen with an American Humvee in the background, then as part of a group of men throwing stones towards the Americans. Two frames later his lifeless body is on the ground, having apparently been shot in the chest. .... ==== SEE ALSO: Soldiers "Hit Golf Balls Before Going Out to Kill Family" [AP] ==== US soldiers, accused of raping and murdering a 14-year-old Iraqi girl, drank alcohol and hit golf balls before the attack. One of them grilled chicken wings afterwards, a criminal investigator told a US military hearing yesterday. ....

Wed Aug 09, 04:15:00 AM  
Anonymous Nemo said...

"I believe the Jewish people deserve a homeland of their own. No people have a greater reason for wanting the security of their own state." ==== Robert: I've been "mulling" on that one for awhile. And while I once felt similarly, the events of recent history (plus some much-needed, remedial de-programming) have forced me to *seriously* re-evaluate my own sentiments about the "Jewish people deserving a homeland of their own". ==== Perhaps the *biggest* problem with the assertion -- as it was actually fulfilled -- resides in an old Will Rogers saying: "Buy land -- they ain't making any more of THAT." The "Jewish people", as it transpired, DIDN'T get "a homeland of their own"! Rather, what they got was somebody *else's* homeland -- already occupied by people who were never even *asked* -- at the time -- how they felt about the idea of being thus disenfranchised and having their lands *appropriated* via the efforts of third parties who themselves held NO legitimate title to them. But if America officially supported this Jewish version of "Manifest Destiny", I have little doubt that it's largely because the US had proceeded in identical fashion in the past, seizing *Native American* lands for "the greater good". It can be FAR more effectively argued that both the Native Americans *and* the native Palestinians (including those Jews who *already* lived there) had PRIOR CLAIM to the land so rudely taken from them. ==== I'm sorry, but this erstwhile "humanitarian" gesture -- the "creation" of Israel via an utterly *illicit* land grab -- was wrongheaded in the extreme from the very start, and a perfect example of expecting "two wrongs to make a right"! And as experiments in "nation-building" go, that founding of a (strictly / apartheid) Jewish homeland seems to have failed utterly -- not because Israel is not viable as a state, but rather because it has become a monster. If the Holocaust ostensibly "justified" the establishment of Israel, that nation's *own* subsequent brutalities appear to swing the pendulum fully back, arguing strongly for restoration of the *original* status quo within the Holy Land. Or to put it another way, the victims of *Israel's* genocidal atrocities have just as much basis to expect their *own* secure homeland (back). ==== Incidentally, I stand corrected on something I stated previously, though it *was* entirely truthful at the time. I'd seen a few early claims that the majority of Israelis *rejected* the government's campaign of carnage in Lebanon. But ever since, I'm seeing consistent reporting that the majority of Israelis overwhelmingly *support* the IDF's criminal campaign. Being as Hezbollah's allegedly "precipitating" act was quite *understandable* -- in light of Israel's history of kidnappings and indefinite detentions for the sake of "leverage" -- and since Israel's own "justification" for its outright atrocities is not even *discernible*, I truly question the "humanity" of such massive approval. ==== Do I proclaim, "Death to Israel"? No. Neither do I wish death to Israelis. But if Israel AS A NATION ceased to be -- an extremely *unlikely* development, regardless of the relentless propaganda -- I do suspect that the entirety of the Middle East would be FAR better off. This situation is untenable, and should NEVER have been foisted on the people of the Middle East to begin with, whatever the "humanitarian" motivations.

Wed Aug 09, 06:15:00 AM  
Anonymous Nemo said...

Robert: To give you further historical background on the Zionist designs on the Middle East, here's a link to the King-Crane Commission Report of 1918. (The link itself is to the "Confidential [US Only] Appendix", but leads to the full report, which I warn you is quite extensive.) ==== The US, as part of that international study, *had* throroughly considered those Zionist proposals for a separate, "Jewish Palestine" in what was then known as "Greater Syria" following the *First* World War. The report was anything but enthusiastic about the proposals in general, due primarily to the overwhelming prior claims of the people already living there. (That Appendix link will merely give you a synoptic view of the profound dilemma and divergence of opinion perceived even then.) ==== As for "the Jewish people deserving a homeland of their own", I suspect many in my and your, slightly later, generation were unduly influenced by what was actually a latter-day, sweeping campaign of pro-Israel propaganda. "Holocaust consciousness" *only* emerged in the US in 1967. The Holocaust itself was quite real (and genuinely horrid). Yet Americans hardly thought about it previously, or so it seems. And it involved a *number* of races -- Jews, Slavs, Roma, et al. -- and categories of people whom Hitler considered "inferior". Of the 12 million purportedly slaughtered, only HALF were Jews. Yet most of the "popular accounts" treat the Holocaust as if it were a *strictly* Jewish phenomenon. It wasn't. And that, to me, raises enormous questions about the *political* motivations of the "exclusive" emphasis typically injected. ==== Make no mistake: the Holocaust was an immense tragedy of unparalleled proportions (though it was NOT unprecedented). But have we ever witnessed an equally "sympathetic" depiction of the similarly genocidal murder of Slavs during World War II? Moreover, why did *our* country -- which nominally so staunchly supports the notion of a "Jewish homeland" as a remedy -- do its utmost (covertly) to completely undermine the existing *Slavic* homeland of Yugoslavia in the late 1990's, by actively supporting the guerrillas of the "Kosovo Liberation Army"? We seem to *constantly* be talking out of both sides of our "national mouth"! [More below.]

Wed Aug 09, 09:04:00 AM  
Anonymous Nemo said...

For more on the innately questionable timing of the bursting of "The "Holocaust" into US consciousness -- from a Jewish perspective -- see: The Wrath Of The Jews, By Liat Weingart [AlterNet] ==== ... Before 1967, it didn't fit into American strategic interests to talk about Jews or their history of oppression, particularly in the same sentence as the word "justice." After 1967, when Israel defeated Egypt, Syria, and Jordan, and conquered the West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem, Sinai and the Golan Heights, the U.S. government decided that Israel could serve as a surrogate for U.S. interests in the Middle East. 1967 was the year when the U.S. discovered Israel, and it was the year when the Holocaust was "remembered." ==== The discovery of Israel happened as selectively as the remembering of the Holocaust. The U.S. discovered Israel as a military ally, not as a country with ordinary people, and so U.S. aid to Israel reflected that. Most U.S. aid to Israel, including economic aid, has been spent for expenses related to purchasing military equipment from the U.S. In order to justify that strategic relationship in moral terms, a new history of the Holocaust was "remembered." ==== The dominant narrative of the Holocaust is that Jews were led, like sheep to the slaughter, to the gas chambers, that they alone were murdered, and that the event of their annihilation had no precedent in history and therefore, no event in the present can compare to the Holocaust. The logical moral to the story ... for Americans is that Jews need a strong Israel, and because the Jews were victims of the unspeakable, it's our duty to arm Israel to the teeth. ... ==== The dominant narrative says very little about the people who risked their lives and the lives of their families to save Jews and others who were targeted for deportation and annihilation. It says very little about the millions of Roma, Poles, homosexuals and disabled people who were systematically murdered. And it says very little about genocides that preceded it, like that of the Native Americans, or that of the Armenians. It's a cheap rendition of a very complex story. ...

Wed Aug 09, 09:07:00 AM  
Anonymous Nemo said...

Further documentation on the subjugation of Palestine. As regards the gradual inception of the nation of Israel, rarely have I seen a more ignominious history. It seems that the long-standing demands for a Zionist state and the "enabling" of those who helped to fulfill it involved enormous treachery against the people of Palestine at virtually *every* step of the way. The post-partition history, moreover, seems even more savage: Palestine, Historical Chronolgy: 1400-1962. [Just the first installation of a segmented chronology extending all the way to 2002.]

Thu Aug 10, 06:02:00 AM  
Blogger Again said...

The Wrath Of The Jews

wow, thanks for the link - i tried to find something about Liat Weingart. It seems to be a great woman, one of the Israelis/Jews i'm so glad about not to become anti-semite

but there is another reason to thank for the link - it is much more cynical and i fear it's not very honorable. But this observation (and the conclusion) of Liat Weingart reduces the "Holocaust" to just a political tool and that means - again redemption for the Germans

i always thought, really i did, that there was enough decency in humankind that once they knew definitely what suffering the Nazis brought they would learn from and try to avoid it. All my youth (and to be honest until the Iraq War) i thought that all the theatre about the "evil Germans" was not to punish us descendants, but to learn how to avoid it happen again. And actually, in Germany i still believe, that we do it because of that (but having learnt from the Iraq War, no longer truly believing in humankind, i guess, it just may be to do better business)

but the Hollywood-movies? Probably not to avoid the Nazis, but to make money from that "wonderful supermonster", more evil than Lex Luthor...

and the American Neocons obviously studied the Nazis to learn from them, particularly to avoid their mistakes...

isn't it sad that all our modern german life, all our peaceful actions (the Iraq War resistance wasn't the only one) wasn't enought to absolve us? No, only the next bad boy could do that...

lesson: it doesn't matter what you do - as long as the others do it better or worse. And i fear that's what the world now has truly learnt. Don't care about others - as long as there is someone more evil than you point at him and all is fine...

Thu Aug 10, 08:49:00 AM  
Anonymous Nemo said...

Again: In the case of "Holocaust Remembrance" in the US, I think a fair degree of cynicism is *definitely* called for, as the lady clearly suggested! When have we ever witnessed a similarly intense consciousness-raising campaign devoted to the *Armenian* genoicide? ("Never!" is the obvious answer. In fact, US Senator Bill Frist was implicated in a huge scandal not so long ago, involving a rather lucrative attempt at Armenian "holocaust denial" by the Turkish government! While we're literally *awash* with sympathetic portrayals of the (admittedly genuine) plight of the Jews during the Holocaust of WWII (with the equally abundant *other* victims typically disregarded entirely), I'd never even *heard* of the Armenian genocide -- an estimated 1.5 to 2 MILLION souls annihilated -- *until* I began to study the First World War, well into adult life. As a result, the quote I reproduce below seems amazingly tell-tale! And indeed, who now recalls the plight of the Poles, other than perhaps the heavily immortalized saga of the [Jewish] Warsaw ghetto?? The extreme bias injected into the typical depiction of the Holocaust in this country seems blatantly political and unforgiveably callous: FACT SHEET: ARMENIAN GENOCIDE ==== ... Hitler said to his generals on the eve of sending his Death's Heads units into Poland, "Go, kill without mercy . . . who today remembers the annihilation of the Armenians?" .... ==== There is also extensive, detailed documentation on this generally unrecognized (in the US) systematic massacre available in British Viscount Bryce's 1916 THE TREATMENT OF ARMENIANS in the Ottoman Empire 1915-16. ["Pretty" it ain't!! And though there are occasional, fairly obvious, wartime propaganda assertions in the more generalized descriptions, the copious first-hand accounts from Armenian victims and witnesses speak plainly for themselves. ==== I see very little distinction, except numerically (and NOT significantly), between this savagery and Hitler's Holocaust. Yet America has barely *acknowledged* the Armenian genocide, much less "popularized" it via any media campaign. But then, we don't have a significant proportion of Armenian *voters* here, nor any immensely strategic alliance with the modern-day, independent *nation* of Armenia, although we do -- or *did* -- with Turkey.]

Fri Aug 11, 06:06:00 AM  

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