Sunday, August 13, 2006

Die Screaming


I called it last week.

Now everyone is saying it and coming up with various excuses.

Uri Avnery tries to be tactful about it:

More than once it has been said in this column that an army that has been acting for many years as a colonial police force against the Palestinian population - "terrorists", women and children - and spending its time running after stone-throwing boys, cannot remain an efficient army. The test of results confirms this.

Let me translate that:

The IDF has spent the last several decades gunning down innocent men, women, and children. And when they ran up against an actual fighting force, they found out what it feels like to fight against someone who can actually shoot back.

A few days ago I wrote that I most definitely did not wish to see Israel "wiped off the map" or anything of the sort. I meant that.

But let me climb down off of my lofty perch and get down into the dirt and say I'm very, very glad the IDF was soundly defeated by Hezbollah.

I've only been following Israel's ongoing destruction of the Palestinian people for four years. Not long by many standards, but long enough to become sick to death of stories of murder at the hands of the Israeli military.

Children murdered

A little girl gunned down on her way to school, shot twenty fucking times while she tried to crawl away.

The shooter got off with a fine and no jail time.

You think it's wrong for me to be glad the IDF was defeated? Look at these pictures of the IDF's handiwork , and if that doesn't convince you that it's a cadre of murderers, you are beyond hope.
These are but few examples of a policy of deliberately targeting children by the Israeli Defense Force.

This is not propaganda. Hundreds of innocent deaths have been investigated and corroborated by human rights organizations and the guilty are never, ever punished for what they did.

So if any of the Israeli soldiers killed in the recent fighting in Lebanon ever served in Occupied Palestine, I hope they died screaming.


Blogger Die for the Elite said...

Here's an excellent observation posted as a comment on Xymphora's Blog, which has some of the best analysis of Israel's zionist extremists there is:

"Especially in the USA, the supposed 'struggle of the Jews against their tormentors' has become an all purpose symbol for the struggle of good against evil - in a way that has less and less, traditionally religious, supernatural elements, but is in fact becoming a sort of secular religion, without any supernatural elements at all, and hence a chance for the USA as a power to play God - to step into the place in history supposedly vacated by the death of God, or his abandonment of 'his' Jews."

Sun Aug 13, 08:40:00 PM  
Blogger Again said...

But let me climb down off of my lofty perch and get down into the dirt and say I'm very, very glad the IDF was soundly defeated by Hezbollah.

me, too - and it's not only about the IDF - is about the "tool"

i could cry because of happiness to see it NOT working - that beloved tool "war and brute violence"...

it's so openly and overtly written in huge letters - WAR DOESN'T WORK...

it nearly always always is counterproductive, is harming and even destroying what you want to reach - and don't tell me that Alexander the Great or Attila the Hun were role models for "working wars" - they only were "lucky" enough to die before failing as Napoleon and Hitler did. And look at the "Great" Alexanders "work" - his Empire didn't last for about 30 years. In words THIRTY - not able to create an organization existing longer than an internet company...

the Chinese Emperor - yes, his "assets" survived him for thousands of years. But he never could enjoy it <schadenfreude> - it's said he paid "magicians" to sell him a pill to live forever, he strongly believed in that fairy tale, sacrificing the stolen wealth for nonsense. Not able to enjoy life or to be happy - why do such people live? To kill or to be killed? Sore losers...

Mon Aug 14, 12:42:00 AM  

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