Friday, August 11, 2006

Why I like Hugo Chavez


I believe the word is cojones.

Fuck you very much America and Israel.


Anonymous Nemo said...

As always, VIVA CHAVEZ! And regarding that gratuitously appended Jewish Anti-Defamation League quip which so flippantly asserts that Chavez needs a "reality check", isn't it remarkable how conspicuously SILENT the various "anti-semitism referees" become when *right-wing* mouthpieces spout utterly preposterous "Hitler analogies" in *support* of Israel's atrocities?! "Go figure", eh? Of course, we are talking about the *Jewish* Anti-Defamation League, which has never demonstrated the slightest aversion to defaming *others* who "dare" to realistically contest the proclaimed righteousness of Israel's barbaric Blitzkriegs against innocent *civilians* and infrastructure: The loser in Lebanon: The Atlantic alliance ==== ... European anger boiled over, according to one UN diplomat, during an exchange between Israeli Ambassador Dan Gillerman and a French official during a meeting on the composition of a proposed international force. ==== While the diplomat would not recount the words used by Gillerman, he confirmed that the phrases Gillerman used "he repeated in the media". The diplomat was referring to Gillerman's remarks during an appearance on CNN, where he was spurred on by host Anderson Cooper's comparison of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah to Adolf Hitler. "I certainly hope the world understands [that] this war is not just about the safety of Israel or the freedom of Lebanon, it is about preserving civilization as we know it," Gillerman said. ... ==== [Uh-huh. The full article reveals some *astoundingly* racist perspectives voiced by both the Israeli *and* US ambassadors. John ("kiss up, kick down") Bolton has proven himself in every way the loathesome NeoConNazi agitator anticipated.]

Sat Aug 12, 03:44:00 AM  
Anonymous Nemo said...

As a "footnote", there's a highly memorable quote in that article that plainly tells it like it is. Even the "politics of death", it seems, is ultimately just sheer politics: "The difference between the US and Europe on how to handle the Middle East is stark," a Finnish diplomat said during a recent private meeting in Washington. "In the US your political parties worry about the Jewish vote - in Europe, political parties worry about the Muslim vote. It's just that simple."

Sat Aug 12, 04:08:00 AM  

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