Saturday, September 16, 2006

And I'm going to keep posting it


I'm going to keep pointing this out until every last moron in America who says the troops in Iraq are "defending our freedoms" reads it.

From Bush's August 21, 2006 news conference:

BUSH: The terrorists attacked us and killed 3,000 of our citizens before we started the freedom agenda in the Middle East.

QUESTION: What did Iraq have to do with it?

BUSH: What did Iraq have to do with what?

QUESTION: The attack on the World Trade Center.

BUSH: Nothing. Except it’s part of — and nobody has suggested in this administration that Saddam Hussein ordered the attack. Iraq was a — Iraq — the lesson of September 11th is take threats before they fully materialize, Ken. Nobody’s ever suggested that the attacks of September the 11th were ordered by Iraq.

Mr. President, you're a lying piece of shit.

Listen carefully stupid Americans:

I'm really sorry your loved ones are fighting and dying in Iraq. People like me have been trying to tell you since before the war even started that it was going to be a disaster and a useless and horrible waste of human life, but you preferred to believe the lies of a wanna-be cowboy with the I.Q. of a broken chair. Now your family members are coming home from the war without many of the limbs they were born with or else in boxes draped with flags. Even in the face of all of the evidence to the contrary you still insist that the terrible cluster fuck that is Iraq has something to do with keeping America free. You're deluded. You're wrong.

The U.S. military is not fighting for anyone's freedoms in Iraq. The U.S. military is simply illegally occupying a sovereign nation that never did and never could attack the United States.

Now, I know that the people that most need to read this most likely never will. They are too busy listening to Rush Limbaugh and staring in fascination as other men drive cars in a circle really, really fast. Vroom! Vroom!

But if any of you who do happen to stumble across this blog by accident happen to know any of these poor, reality-challenged souls, please feel free to send them a link.

I'm going to keep posting Bush's admission of guilt periodically in hopes of breaking through the wall of stupid that so many Americans sit so comfortably behind.

And when, not if, but when, the United States is forced to leave Iraq in defeat and disgrace, in order to avoid losing my mind, and in memory of all the innocent people your blind support helped kill, I'm going to spend the rest of my days saying to each and every one of you Bush supporters I run across

I fucking well told you so!!!!!!!!

We now return to our regularly scheduled program Paris Hilton Helps Lure Internet Pedophiles and Little Richard and Simon Cowell Teach Them To Dance and Sing


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