Friday, September 22, 2006

For my dear brothers


Some came to sing; some came to pray
Some came to keep the dark away....

Again wrote:

no, i can't tell it, but maybe you understand, why i'm ashamed of myself...

Please do me a favor, my friend:

Never, ever, feel ashamed in this particular forum. You are the inspiration for every blog post I have ever written. In the dark days of doubt and despair, your words concerning growing up in your native land have given me courage, hope, and strength.

I daresay I hope to instill in my son the feeling of responsibility you have inspired in me.

He's growing into quite a joyful and sensitive little man. Despite his health setbacks, he's literally a glowing and smiling joy to know.

I cry just a little every time I have to give him his breathing treatments while being thankful for the ability to do so. It seems wrong to make him sit so still for the ability that so many take for granted....

These are often dark days but I literally wouldn't be here if I didn't have hope.

Hope that darkness will eventually destroy itself and people of courage and strength, who often toil in secret and anonymity, eventually triumph simply by experiencing the joy of life.

I believe this.

Again, you are the greatest mentor and teacher any foolish and confused man could ever hope for.....

You shouldn't be ashamed.

You should be proud.

I am proud to call you friend and teacher.

As for my dear French friend:

I can never know the pain you endure, but please know that if I could take a measure of it for you, I most assuredly would.

I'm thinking of you often, my brother.


Blogger Again said...

wow, Robert, you make me speechless <red-faced> (at least for a while, you know, my nation is well known for many words ;-) )

so much to think about - one point is, that i wouldn't have been able to inspire something what wasn't there, the next is, that it is absolutely the most hopeful compliment i've ever heard (that all the thinking about the stupidity and cruelty and suffering, all the learning can make sense. Because mostly my thoughts are disliked as too "arduous") - and a third point is, that my conclusions of all the hardship are really simple: first: don't trust words, just trust physics - only that what can be measured and controlled and verified and viewed from thousand different perspectives with the same result is worth to be used as "ethical principle and necessary rules" for the human society and the second is: you always have to start with yourself to better the world (this allows you btw to fulfill point 1: to verify if it is possible)

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: "You can betray your conscience, but you can't befool it"

to be ashamed of something is just listening to conscience - it knows best, when you did something wrong. And because i know that a human's world is totally created in the mind i know that thoughts are in some ways more powerful than actions, because each human action has to be prepared by thoughts

and so, if i find myself even feeling something not "according to plan" i can't help myself but being ashamed - i have to do, because this teaches me, my own emotions and instincts, to do it better the next time

as Jefferson said: "The moral sense, or conscience, is as much a part of man as his leg or arm. It is given to all human beings in a stronger or weaker degree, as force of members is given them in a greater or less degree. It may be strengthened by exercise, as may any particular limb of the body."

btw: so glad to hear, that you can help your son to be happy

I cry just a little every time I have to give him his breathing treatments while being thankful for the ability to do so. It seems wrong to make him sit so still for the ability that so many take for granted....

take for granted - too many people take too much for granted, i fear...

it's hard to see him suffer - but there is a thing about severe illness, i've often heard from people: they often learn to live in times of severe illness, they often are happier than the healthy because they (and their family) know what really is important. So with you on his side your son may have a much better childhood than most other kids, because he is not only told of the love of his father, he can truly feel it

Fri Sep 22, 06:12:00 AM  
Anonymous UT said...

Hugs Robert :)

Fri Sep 22, 12:56:00 PM  
Anonymous UT said...

Our "selective" Democracies against the right to exist

In any conventional democracy based on the Greek philosophy, there has always been a fundamental right, the right to exist. Nowadays it would seem that our democracies became exclusively "selective" abroad: it is the case for the Hamas and the Hezbollah for example whose own freedom are being denied. While Israel always pretended with legitimacy and integrity its right to exist, it seems that our Democracies would be able to destroy the alienable right of other people. The right to exist belongs to Muslim people as well but geopolitics with an economic interest characteristic do not include this right. The West is able to elect Presidents that wage wars, in the Middle-East they can't even do that. How the inherent values of our Democracies became so low abroad?

Look at the US and Pakistan for example. They asked Pakistan to be with them on the "war on terror" otherwise they would be bombed to the stone age. Today these allegations were officially denied. Without knowing what really happened, there are enough doubts to mention the possibility of a complete distorsion between what is being said and what is being done in a Democracy. The best example is in Hungary where people revolted themselves a few days ago as their respective citizens found out their government was on the verge of a collapse and had to lie to re-elected. Our Democracies became corrupted and blood-thirsty of power to protect their capital interests and their ideological rituals (fight for Democracy) without really alarming the people because they share unanimously this vision in their imagination: a true Democracy never existed.

For academic principles only I developed after the "fight for Democracies" ("war on terror" for the pessimists) a doctrine called "The war against the Truth", it is a thinktank shared between Muslims and Westerners, I just developed my own doctrine because I thought it was insulting to come up with something called "fight for Democracies", at least "My fight for the Truth" is not as insulting and represents the appropriate intellectual voltarian response for dishonoring People from different horizon in the name of any ideology. I just share this last vision when I am angry and when I feel that people are being misinformed by the media.

But honestly if the West does not allow to elect the optimal thought of the people, then we are no better than people that commit terrorist acts; and if people cannot be elected or even being represented as political power for Hope, at least the dignity of being represented, then they'll choose to fight with the sword. In this world, we can't even show the honorary example, it is all about power and power has always been "do what I say and do not say what I do", it could be summarize in one single word "arrogance". Are people being blinded by values to justify lies in the Middle-East? Or did our values become better than the values of other people?

Fri Sep 22, 10:48:00 PM  

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