Friday, September 01, 2006

Fuck Peaceful Coexistence


In my previous post, which seems to have caught the attention of some incredible examples what passes for thinkers on the right, I made a somewhat misleading statement. Pay attention righties, this is what adults do when they make a mistake. They point it out and fix it.

I stated that The Anchoress did not allow comments on her blog. This was not entirely accurate. The Anchoress does allow comments on her blog as long as she reads them before they are posted and they agree with her completely. The last time I read her at any length, strictly for the comedic value, she was moderating and registering commentors. She may or may not be now, but my point was: With the Anchoress, as with most right-wing blogs, toe the party line or walk.

Before I even had my first blog I ran afoul of the Anchoress. This was before she started censoring her feedback. Reading her site, a cloying mix of religious dogma and right-wing talking points, you can tell rather quickly that she wears her religion firmly on her sleeve. For the most part, I let religious idiots alone and let them talk to their imaginary friends all they like. But if you do wear your faith on your sleeve, I feel perfectly justified in throwing things on it. If you publicly state something really stupid, then I believe I have the right to tell you publicly how stupid I think you are.

So I pointed out to the Anchoress, politely and without profanity, some of the glaring errors in logic that Christianity is just filled with. According to her, this was a personal attack and she labeled me a troll and banned me from commenting. Shortly after, citing trolls, which apparently includes anyone who questions the fantasy worlds that religion has created, she closed comments to anyone but registered users. She was the first person to ever ban me from a blog, and I keep a special place in my heart for her. You never forget your first.

Since then I've been banned from many a nice Christian or right-wing blog for trying to show the absolute stupidity of most people of faith. LaShawn Barber threw me out and the folks at Rapture Ready threatened to pray me into oblivion. It's a heavy cross to bear, being me. Get it? Cross? (sigh)

So in my mind, any blogger that has to review his or her comments and only publishes those that are in agreement is nothing but a goddamned coward. Yes, it's your blog. Yes, you can do what you want with it, but you're an intellectual child if you can't face criticism or challenges to your precious ideas.

As for you right-wingers that seem to find your way here from time to time. I'm not the ubber-compassionate, drum circle, give-peace-a-chance liberal that you might be used to dealing with.

I'm not ashamed to admit I hate, and hate deeply. I don't shirk from physical or psychological violence and I could gun down a Neo-Con at fifteen hundred yards in a high wind if I was so inclined. I would prefer to settle all differences in a civilized manner, but if and when push comes to shove, you fascists are going to get big surprise from the left here in America. We're a lot tougher, stronger, and smarter than you have been led to believe by the so-called liberal elite and the useless Democratic leadership.

Instead of violence I would prefer to simply marginalize your kind of thinking to something that's studied as a historical aberration like I hope most religions will eventually be. I hope it's done at the ballot box and through education but if you primitive mouth-breathers don't want to allow that, fuck it then....let's dance.

Think Iraqi freedom fighters vs. the U.S. Military as an example of what I'm talking about. That went to shit real quick for the occupiers just like any war against people defending their home and way of life.

Now, put that in your hat and smoke it.


Anonymous brian said...

I moderate the comments on my blog. I figure since I don't write anything, there's no point in letting people comment. :P

Fri Sep 01, 06:50:00 PM  
Anonymous UT said...

I lost all my french readers on my blog since I told them they were no better than Americans. I don't know why these French think they are so special with their smashed potatoe Republic. But I have to admit they did not go to war at least; and I'm proud of that. They did not go to war ... until the next presidential election, and it does not look good for the next elections anyway.

In France between the left and the right, they are all pro-Bush. First we have the french left who has not been popular at all the last 11 years and they decided to do an alliance with the american neocons. It's bizarre this alliance because the french Left is socialist and used to do alliances in the past with the communists to counter attack the Right. Then we have the right (Chirac the Gaulist is anti-Bush and anti-american, he's more right/centrist nowadays) and his protege Sarkhozy (who dated the daughter of Chirac) is pro-bush, pro-war, pro-capitalist and pro active.

I am sure they already pre-arranged their agenda in the Middle-East with Iraq or Iran and I am afraid to speculate that we'll never get out from this rathole and I am going to explain you why, shortly I hope.

Lately I've been surfing the blogs from the Middle-East, I have unfortunately lots of times to kill in my hands. Between the crazies of Allah, the ones against secularism, between sectarians tensions with the Sunnis and Shiites, it is the whole region that is being destabilized since the war in Lebanon. Problems after problems keep clashing from Turkey to Pakistan colluding with global powers: India because of Pakistan, Turkey because of its European entry and the Kurd problem, Iran because of Hezbollah and its reconquest in the Middle-East. It seems like it is a sort of pan-islamism that may take roots within a few decades, but it won't be the Middle-East as we know of it now or the "greater Middle-East" viewed by the neocons.

Iran whose btw citizens enjoy better freedom than the ones from Saudi Arabia is the greatest victorious one since the war in Lebanon. I would say that Iran is the only stronghold that does not want to get aligned in the pro-american camp. It is backed up by Russia and China, and both of these countries emphasized "diplomatically" that they support Iran. China supports it for its resources and Russia supports it for a new organization outside OPEC and because Russia has again plans to conquer one more time its ex regional zones. At this time, Iran does not really have conventional weapons to fight against airstrikes for still a few more months, but their network to destabilize powers is gigantic, they used it in the past (in France during the 80s and other countries) and I think they will retaliate if ever they are attacked and they will fight with unconventionnal means as well. This dogshit is inevitable: we have the US in the Middle-East and they are there to protect their investment (oil and dollars). Besides the CIA might do a "coup" in Iraq since the iraqi government is pro-iranian. Iran on the other hand, despite sectarian tensions, is the only country willing to take into consideration the israelo-palestinian conflict (Europe stopped financing the hamas). As you may know, if Iran (Shiite) takes under his wing the Hamas (Sunnis), the geopolitical datas are going to be changed.

Too many problems anyway in the ME.

Sat Sep 02, 01:46:00 AM  
Blogger Again said...

Instead of violence I would prefer to simply marginalize your kind of thinking to something that's studied as a historical aberration like I hope most religions will eventually be.

to quote Salman Rushdie:

Rushdie: Fundamentalists of all faiths are the fundamental evil of our time. Almost all my friends are atheists -- I don't feel as though I'm an exception. If you take a look at history, you will find that the understanding of what is good and evil has always existed before the individual religions.

question: Perhaps not, but many people seem to need a god. Religions worldwide are experiencing a comeback. Striving for spirituality is more pronounced than ever. Is this a negative development in your opinion?

Rushdie: Yes.

In my opinion the word "spiritual" ought to be put on an index and banned from being used for say 50 years. The things that are put about as being "spiritual" -- it's unbelievable. It even goes as far as a spiritual lap dog and a spiritual shampoo.

Sat Sep 02, 09:39:00 AM  
Blogger Robert said...


You and I have had the conversation about evolution and de-evolution. I believe that for mankind to survive, not just prosper, but survive, we are simply ging to have to outgrow religion.Evolve out of it, if you will. As long as large groups of people, who just happen to be armed with nuclear weapons, believe that there is another world somewhere that they will go to and be rewarded for casusing the deaths of their fellow humans, we will never be safe as a species.

Of course the nuclear aspect is just part of it. You can't tell me that the right wing agenda for the environment and foreign policy isn't driven by that whole Rapture fatalism. "Wreck it all now because the Lord's gonna take us away."

If you can get a person to go against their natural instincts and to believe in invisible beings that do not exist, you can get that person to do literally aything.

I believe we are in a race between reason and religion. If religion has it's way, I believe that eventually the entire human race will pay the price.

Sat Sep 02, 11:46:00 AM  
Anonymous UT said...

This is why I am agnostic and we belong to endangered species I guess. In the US whoever you are, there is no place anymore for this type of mind, you got to believe in something, no matter what it is, belief is living. Barely 1% of people in the US are agnostic. It was very okey in the 60s to be agnostic, nowadays people are getting intolerant against us.

Too often we blame religions for our own lack of confidence but it is the Human Being itself that created the divine writings because we were born miserable in this world, and they needed to make the path of life more understandable so that we can recreate a different image for our daily basis lives. It should be in theory our approach and attitude that has to be confronted with these holy writings but too many times they do it the other way around. This is why I don't think religions were ever used for peaceful purposes. It encapsulates inside these vitriolic lines an ostentary manifest of political power: few of us have direct contact with God. The only ones who preach the holy writings are usually the top dogs sending us to war to die for their megalomaniac fantasies. This happens on the christian side, this happens also on the muslim side, and all of them do it for a so-called "better world". Suddenly we become the prostrated disciples to kiss the sceptre of empowering reason: "you are the chosen one for our faith-based reality, go die for us, while I try to maintain the illusion that God is talking to me". We did not really evolve since the last 2,000 years, the fog is still in our thought with different variations.

So where are we at today in this anthropological world? Here are some facts:

- Europe opened itself to Nietzsche, and it allowed them to do good things since the 19/20th century: we separated the Church from the State and there was a reason for it. After too many centuries of Inquisition, Crusades, and witch burning on the Cross to remind us how Jesus died, it was time to do that.

- The Muslim world never opened to Nietzsche and I don't think it will ever open to him. They are more conservators in the writings; they did not have to rewrite different variations like we did with the Bible. Muslims just try to interpret the Koran to stick with the faith of Allah. They are still in this imagination world where Allah is above everything, even about our "Democracies" that are in fact the Gospel's reflection itself of our own western God. We can't blame them for that. Inside the Koran, they are being told that Allah is the only one and they have the duty of converting other people. If they cannot convert them, then they should not force them, but treat them differently.

- Our dear USA that is still trying to find itself in this anthropological world to define its own culture. I don't think they have that much in common with Europe. After the revolution we can see there are 2 sorts of people inside this country: the North and the South. It has always been the US of the twos anyway, and this is how ideas were balanced to reach the center between Democrats and Republicans. Today it would seem that a part of the US is islamizing itself against western philosophy, and I write that without kidding. We got this creationist thing coming here with its dirty shoes in the darwinist land. Creationism is nothing else than the union of the Church and State, and so is Islam. Man created God and God are telling them they are the chosen ones and they cannot deny their God anymore. The fact of not denying God gives them more power and also mental alienation to judge and balance their choices. We are going back to the dark ages.

- The jewish people. These people were once abused since the creation of the Bible all the way through the Nazi times. These people came back to the Promised Land (Israel) and are annexing Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and parts of Syria under the american hidden agenda for better grasp inside the Middle-East. Jews and Muslims come from the same family yet we have the guts to talk in the name of judeo-christianism to get things sour in the Middle-East. For most of Palestinians, the jewish people became the nazis. It is true that this religion succeeded in empowering their faith in 60 years.

Our religions are not compatible and to top it off we are fighting through our religions in the name of universal values. At the philosophical level, we did not change an inch. We still think we are able to reverse History. History determines our values and our culture. In the US we are living in these Heidegger times, the PNAC agenda for example is the expression of this selfishness. We are convinced of our values, we are convinced of our actions, while the rest of the world is looking at us like dangerous retards and war criminals.

Sat Sep 02, 02:24:00 PM  
Anonymous UT said...

I've been trying to translate a French text into English. This text is from a French philosopher who met Heidegger in Berlin before WWII. It is only an extract, I don't think I will ever be able to translate the full text, it takes time and methodology for rigorous translations. I don't have this technique at all since I was born as a fatalist.

Steps in the experimental anthropology: how to balance human intelligence?

Experimental anthropology introspects itself on how to balance human intelligence. It notes that the USA asks the global intelligentsia to legitimize a science of History based on victories of military force and it organizes the global resistance to this radical disqualification of the western civilization. This is why it is important to study its aspects - the brain of the geniuses.

Question? How can you isolate cerebral traits so that you can differentiate not only cultures, but also categorizing significantly intelligences, and this without interfering with the biologizing notion of "races", neither with the problematic, nor with the analysis methods of experimental anthropology?

Answer: the notion of race is based on the acknowledgements that there are evident differences in the visible appearance of human species whose main one is the color of skin. Science never waited for Montesquieu to notice that climate modifies in the long terms the physical appearance of the human beings. Nevertheless these observations have nothing to do with experimental anthropology. Darwin had noticed that a short stay of only a few years in England were able to change the indigenous of the Galapagos Islands into gracious subjects for the pleasure of Her Majesty.

We know for a fact that tests are from now on able to calculate the cerebral level of individuals; but measurement instruments of this pseudo-science actualize criteria that control the notion of intelligence inside the unconscious of cultures. How can we test the intelligence of Mozart? Einstein obtained a very pitiful result in this test for the simple reason that there are intelligences of different types and that IQ is based on a simplistic mode. Diderot once said that love removes intelligence to the ones who have one and gives intelligence to the ones who don't have one. But it isn't the same intelligence that love removes for the ones and gives for the others, because superior intelligence moves from a world apart. Newton for example had dug a hole in his door so that his dog can go through, and he had dug another hole in this door so that his cat can go through too. Who will find a bigger dummy?

Intelligences called universal turn out to be at the same time fast and superficial. Not only a deep question could ever receive a deep answer, but the only formulation of a true question remains inaccessible to the intelligences that we qualify precisely of bright for this reason. Intellectual genius is an agitated ruminant. It munches without lassitude an indigestible food that he is looking to share with others. Proust visits time. But the length he gives to this food to is not edible for everybody. Balzac wrote and rewrote 13 times César Birotteau "the feet in the mustard" - but it requires genius to understand only the internal and pressing logic that orders the metamorphosis and the continuity of successive versions of this novel. We know 29 versions of "La jeune parque" (novel title) from Valery (French writer). He is the only one to know the secrets. Beethoven ploughed without end for Fidelio under Leonore.

Question: the notion of Race - without talking about negative connotations in the recent past - is it then too global and too confusing to allow a focalization in the analysis of the Europe of brains?

Answer: this notion is ridiculously collective, therefore rudimentary, that it remains abstract for a founded experimental anthropology on the examination of differentiated and categorized intelligences within the western civilization. This one is characterized and emphasized, by an apparition, twenty four centuries ago, on a unique and extraordinary capacity of the brain power, which means elaborating a science on reasoning. Greek thinking knows how to chain proposals one after another one in a rational frame and commanded by the dialectic. It requires a powerful link, the one of logic. Historical anthropology studies the unconscious of Aristote logic that catapulted itself only under Enstein - which does not mean that the faculty of reasoning is disqualified, but it is important to observe the predispositions of logical propositions.

Yet a new and significant endeavor of European intelligence appeared in a time when a Latin and Nordic population, cerebrally homogenous by appearance only, although they were trying since one millennium to legitimize the conservation of a cult full of miracles and rituals from Sumerian and Assyrian origins, suddenly got separated between protestors and traditionalists of the Christian encephalon. This cerebral revolution was getting ready in reality, to go down into the abyss of medieval times whose Greco-roman origins had been revealed by the channel of the Arab invasion in Spain in which theology of Saint Thomas d'Aquin (Thomas of Aquina) testifies plenty of it.

Experimental anthropology studies the 2 types of brain, for 5 centuries, of the sudden multipolarization of western "reason" whose international policy shows spectacularly the global range and dimension.

(to be continued)


Sat Sep 02, 04:40:00 PM  
Anonymous UT said...

I think this time neocons and the sprungs of the Muslim Brotherhood really deserve each other:

American Appears in al-Qaida Videotape

- We have the "Al Qaeda" guys that are asking Americans to be converted so that they can attack the USA on their soil

- We have the neocons that are in the middle-east trying to convert the Muslims to their Democracy and "killing these dangerous terrorists in their land instead of doing it at home".

Bravo! I think we are getting close to the clash of the civilizations. 60 years of failed foreign policy to get rid of communism in financing a global terrorist network on the CIA payroll against secularism of middle-eastern governments, and we'll get what we wished for: a new Middle-East against us.

Sat Sep 02, 05:04:00 PM  
Blogger Again said...

robert, you are saying a mouthful here - you know, i can only support you, because i guess, humankind has passed the apex of the gain cost function of intelligence, about the time of the invention of agriculture (about 10,000 years ago) - too much complexity for the common people, so they need help from daddy (god, king, priest) to be allowed to stop thinking (Bertrand Russell: "Many people would rather die than think; in fact, most do.") or to avoid responsibility (Stanislav Jerzy Lem: "No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible")

and you know, you are in the best company! Your words clearly remind me of the following:

we are simply ging to have to outgrow religion.

"It is possible that mankind is on the threshold of a golden age; but, if so, it will be necessary first to slay the dragon that guards the door, and this dragon is religion." - Bertrand Russell

"Wreck it all now because the Lord's gonna take us away."

"The saint in whom God delights is the ideal eunuch. Life has come to an end where the "kingdom of God" begins....Christianity is religion for the executioner." - Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols (seems to be a real good thing, that Europe opened itself to Nietzsche, ut!)

If you can get a person to go against their natural instincts and to believe in invisible beings that do not exist, you can get that person to do literally aything.

"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." - Voltaire (attributed)

I believe we are in a race between reason and religion. If religion has it's way, I believe that eventually the entire human race will pay the price.

maybe not exactly fitting, but very similar (race between reason and religion - aka race between Science and Intelligent Design):

"it consists in confusing the last and the first.... All the highest values are of the first rank; all the highest concepts, that which has being, the unconditional, the good, the true, the perfect — all these cannot have become and must therefore be causes. All these, moreover, cannot be unlike each other or in contradiction to each other. Thus they arrive at their stupendous concept, "God." That which is last, thinnest, and emptiest is put first, as the cause, as ens realissimum. Why did humanity have to take seriously the brain afflictions of these sick web-spinners? We have paid dearly for it!" - Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols

btw: last not least:

What? You search? You would multiply yourself by ten, by a hundred? You seek followers? Seek zeros! (Nietzsche)

Sun Sep 03, 08:36:00 AM  
Blogger Mr. Forward said...

Filling your spiritual void with hate seems like a losing proposition, but hey as long as your happy, God Bless.

Mon Sep 04, 09:55:00 PM  

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