Sunday, October 29, 2006

Buyer's Remorse


Last week I voted for Harold Ford Jr. for Senate in Tennessee.

Despite my misgivings about the entire Democratic Party in general and Ford's whole " I like to film campaign adds in church" thing.

I voted for him simply because he wasn't a Republican, and because his opponent, Bob Corker, is a corrupt good 'ol boy who reminds me way too much of Deputy Dawg from the old cartoons.

Earlier today I saw a television add for Ford that just made me want to burn my ballot in protest.

Corker's campaign has been running an add against Ford claiming that he "wants to give gays the right to marry" and " he wants to give the abotion pill to high-school kids" among other wonderful things.

Ford was so worried about this add that he did a rebuttal add saying that he didn't want to give teenagers abortion pills and, in large bold letters, VOTED FOR THE DEFENSE OF MARRIAGE ACT. The rest of the rebuttal was fine with just having Ford narrate in his intense-yet-earnest way that makes him so dangerous to the talking-points crowd and intellectual midgets like Corker. But he wanted to make sure everyone watching knew where he stood on them gays wanting to marry.

Message received Harold.

Then there's this quote from Ford from yesterday's campaign stop in Paris, Tennessee:

HAROLD FORD, JR.: My friend Lincoln Davis who chairs our campaign says there are, there's one big difference between us and misfortunate Republicans when it comes to our faith: he said that Republicans fear the Lord; he said Democrats fear AND love the Lord .

This is now what passes for political debate in our nation. We love our imaginary friend more than they love their imaginary friend.

I knew who this guy was before I voted for him, but the race is a dead heat and we've got to try and do something to derail the Crazy Train that is our current government.....

I swore in 2004 when I voted for John Kerry I would never again vote for the lesser of two evils just to have a chance to win.


Suckered again.


Blogger Again said...

Suckered again.

that's the reason why Germany not only offers thousand parties, but has developed a nearly stable 5-party-system, despite earlier predictions that we would end like America (old style, 2-party-system) - but in times of political annoyance and the overwhelming feeling that politicans all are "horse" who sell their own grandmas to the highest bidder and that "we the people" don't count a jot in the big game of the Aristocrats it's good to have at least something to choose: Beyond the "democrats" and the "republicans" we have the left and the right and the green and the liberals (the rights are only included for the sake of completion because mostly they don't succeed in entering the parliaments, and if so, they are just something like a slap in the face for the ruling govs) and then the legions of little parties like the grey panthers and the bible friends...

but without risking your vote you mostly can vote for about 5 parties - and i guess, that's really good for democracy :-)

Mon Oct 30, 08:21:00 AM  

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