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Our world is often lacking in heroes and true courage is sometimes hard to find. Last week, I pointed out the article by Kevin Tillman. It took some serious guts to write those words. To cross through the doubt, deception and often bone-deep brainwashing that our societies are so filled with.

Here are some soldiers that have that measure of courage as well.



Anonymous Barnita said...

Full on story!

Mon Oct 30, 04:33:00 AM  
Blogger Again said...

hi barnita! Fine, to see you back - and to meet you here ;-)

Our world is often lacking in heroes and true courage is sometimes hard to find

yes, but against the usual blablabla about heroes, there is one place you never find nobleness: and that's war

"Wars not make one great!" - Yoda

even the best fail in wars - because war is pure abuse and destruction, each and every human soul has to pay the price of war. Oh yes, it's all about "heroes" and "comrades" and "the triumph of the will" and all those pseudo-noble words - pseudo-noble just because one soldier helping another is really a good guy, but without war he never would be forced to do so.

So yes, it's brave to speak against the omnipresent peer pressure - but no one should pretend "surprise" about soldiers abusing imprisoned enemies. You can't de-humanize other people and believe to have a working conscience. If you dehumanize your enemy, you dehumanize yourself, that's the sad truth of war.

In Germany, we have the same problem today - stupid photos, where young men in Afghanistan try to play macho to be able to stand the horrors of war. Oh yes, it's "just" about some skulls and bones but it shows the we-them-thinking your fuhrers need you to think to make you "a hero, a good soldier" - meaning nothing less than a machine without the ability to decide for itself: just follow orders, don't think, just act, it's alright, babe, daddy knows best and the enemy is always evil, so it's ok to be evil to the evil

yes, i admire Yehuda Shaul and it is necessary that he has the courage to speak out: but the problem is that he has to do it. That it is so a "big story" that war creates abuse everywhere. Because of the glorification of war and the "great-warrior" myths told about the soldiers the people far away don't WANT to listen and the soldiers forced to stay maybe can't afford to accept it. So i fear, when the war is over we will hear many more and many more bitter stories about the misbehaving of destroyed human souls

Mon Oct 30, 05:34:00 AM  
Blogger politiques USA said...

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