Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pastor Ted

Well, turns out Pastor Ted is indeed a world-class hypocrite.

I was asked yesterday if I felt sorry for poor Pastor Ted. Obviously the questioner didn't know me very well.

My response: In his decades of ministry, how many adults and teens did Pastor Ted make feel ashamed of their own sexuality? Hundreds? Thousands? How many people did he make ashamed of their natural and healthy urges? All the while he was no doubt giving in to the very temptation he was condemning in others. The marriage amendments in various states, including Colorado are fairly recent developments. All the time Pastor Ted was helping to whip up support for these disgusting laws, he was having sex with at least one male prostitute, and according to his accuser, using crystal meth.

And a small aside on that one- In my younger days I used every recreational drug known to man and even created one or two new ones. Luckily meth came along after I was finished experimenting. I've never used it. But I have several friends and a couple of family members whose lives have been ravaged by it. It's not just something you decide to try one day. The usual progression is that once coke no longer does it for you, it's time to try something stronger. It's so frighteningly addictive and hard to quit, a former heroin addict I know said he had turned it down on many occasions. Something tells me Pastor Ted has a looong history of drug abuse.

And why? Because, by his own admission, he has had a "lifelong sexual problem."

Pastor Ted is gay. He was born that way and all of the happy smoke and pills won't change what he is deep down. He's ashamed and has to use drugs to mask his feelings because he has been told all is life, by "good Christians", that his feelings are an abomination.

If Ted Haggard was just some guy struggling with this problem I would feel great sorrow and empathy for him. But he's not.

He is one the leaders of the American Theocracy movement with a direct line to the Bush White House and he has been a vocal opponent, on a national level, of giving gays and lesbians the exact same rights as the rest of us Americans.

This guy is a certifiable nutcase.

And he's tried to turn Colorado Springs into a Christian version of Afghanistan under the Taliban.

But it's OK. Pastor Ted is now undergoing "intensive spiritual counseling" or what you might call "pray the gay away" and he's going to be just fine. He will no doubt turn up in a few years on your TV in a late-night infomercial for miracle healing water or he'll write a book detailing his struggles and blaming it on the media and our sex-saturated society and he'll make a million bucks.

If I have any positive wish for Ted Haggard it would be that he learns from this that he is not evil or a sinner, but a human being who has been lied to his entire life. He could make such a powerful statement if he could simply get past the fear and indoctrination and denounce all the garbage the Christian Right wants people to believe. He could be a beacon of hope to tens of thousands of young people being raised in God-fearing "Christian" households who are afraid to be who they truly are.

If he refuses to admit what he has to know by now is the truth, if he simply continues to talk of the "evil and dark lifestyle" he has been living, my hope for Pastor Ted is that he checks himself into a another cheap motel, smokes a large amount of crystal meth, and decorates the wallpaper with his own brains.


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Anonymous Barnita said...

Lol - OT - American Media Bubble

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