Wednesday, November 08, 2006

We'll sleep when they're dead


I'm sitting here roaming the web after what appears to be a mass execution of GOP candidates throughout the nation. As I figured the staunch Democratic blogs are trumpeting the glories of Democracy today. In 2000 and 2004 when Democrats lost, our system was hopelessly broken and needed to be fixed.


Yes, I'm very glad the Neo-Cons got a bloody nose. Yes, I'm glad Nancy Pelosi, bless her wonderfully liberal heart, will be the first female Speaker of the House.

But all of this needs to be taken with a large grain of salt. There is still so much work to be done before we have a national group hug.

If two things happen, I may even begin to believe in our republic again.


First: American troops out of Iraq by next Christmas. No permanent garrison. No huge Green Zone/embassy. Out. Out. All the way the fuck out.

Second: An investigation into the various aspects of Republican governance with strong subpoena power to back it up. Cheney's secret energy policy meetings, pre-war intelligence lies and exaggerations, and maybe even a look at the Geneva Conventions and the power of the unitary executive.

Those are large and bold steps and the Democrats have been nothing small and timid these past few years. We shall see.

And the so-called culture war need's to take itself to some sort of nuclear next level. Several states, including here in Tennessee, passed ballot initiatives effectively banning gay marriage. It passed here with something like 85% of voters. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. It time more of these holier-than-thous behind such horrid laws get what I would call the "Haggard Treatment." Out these sad and pathetic fuckers for the hateful and hypocritical wastes of oxygen that they are.

Lots of work to do.


Anonymous UT said...

And Rumsfeld just resigned :) 2 more to go :)

Wed Nov 08, 10:32:00 AM  
Anonymous Nemo said...

...Yes, I'm very glad the Neo-Cons got a bloody nose. Yes, I'm glad Nancy Pelosi, bless her wonderfully liberal heart, will be the first female Speaker of the House. ...==== Me too, with similarly serious reservations. Pelosi long ago voiced an ANTI-impeachment stance for the House Democrats, something I find as disasterously wrongheaded as Bill Clinton's "GAGA" abandonment of the Iran-Contra investigations. She's now pledging a return to "civility and bipartisanship", to which I say, "My foot!!" Such "sweetness and light" sentiments will become appropriate ONLY after the Nazi scum has been completely eradicated from the halls of power, its members indicted for their various crimes. And as you said, Robert, there's plenty to be done in that regard. The all-too-resilient remnants of this One-Party Reich cannot be allowed to simply "lay low" -- now curiously full of "bipartisan" spirit -- biding their time until *another* opportunity for a coup arises. And NEVER has Impeachment been more warranted, for an ENTIRE "presidential" administration! So Pelosi's stated opposition is something I sincerely hope the *majority* of the House will thoroughly reject! ==== Incidentally, the Senate appears at least tied, and perhaps will be taken back by the Democrats once the dust settles. (George "Macaca" Allen of Virginia at least looks beaten, albeit narrowly, but has yet to concede.) ==== In other areas, those two notorious GOP Quislings -- Katherine Harris of Florida and Kenneth Blackwell of Ohio -- have both been soundly trounced. GOOD RiDDANCE to such unsavory rubbish, as well as to "Reichsfuehrer" Scumsfeld, though his designated replacement, Gates of the CIA, sounds amazingly dubious as any sort of "vast improvement" -- he's yet another longtime "spook" buddy of the Bush family dynasty.

Wed Nov 08, 03:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Nemo said...

The official "edict": Rumsfeld replaced after poll loss. And the inside track on Rumsfeld's appointed successor: Lost History (Part 2): The Devil & Bob Gates, By Robert Parry [Consortium News]. ==== Incidentally, just a week ago Dumbya insisted that ("Heckuva job") Rumsfeld and Cheney would be remaining for the duration of his second term. Can you say, "FLIP FLOP"? (This country *really* needs a full-fledged Inquisition!)

Wed Nov 08, 04:43:00 PM  
Blogger Again said...

As I figured the staunch Democratic blogs are trumpeting the glories of Democracy today. In 2000 and 2004 when Democrats lost, our system was hopelessly broken and needed to be fixed.

Me too, with similarly serious reservations.

thank you so much, Robert and nemo

i'm so glad to see some rationality surviving this election - because until now, not really much has changed, i fear

YES, there is a silver shine now, but there is also S. 3930 and H.R. 5122 - both WITH the strong help of the Democrats, both laws now patiently waiting to be (mis)used by a president - and having watched Hillary Clinton (who i formerly liked very much because i believed that she would support a reasonable social net, but now seems to have the endurance of a weathercock and to do everything to stay at power) and yes, having read some articles about Pelosi i don't see the strength and decency of Hercules which you need to "clean the Augian stables" of corruption soon enough to be able to use this current energy of election day to overcome the resistance of the powers which have worked successfully since years to endanger even the constitution

so, i guess "yawn" is not the proper reaction...

my fear now is the following:
the "ecstasy" of liberals about the victory will blind them. "Democracy works" they will shout and therefore forget everything they had to suffer - forget the election fraud, the manipulation, the twisted laws and the twisted logic of the judges, the eagerness of the "media-horse" to please their princes at the cost of "we the people" - the "tangled webs they've woven" are fully functional and ecstasy will surely NOT being able to destroy them root and branch, the only way to kill them forever...

the American Aristocrats have just lost a battle, not the war - and this victory was so hard, that it easily might be the last victory of democracy. Only careful cautiousness and permanent awareness of the lurking puppeteers behind the politics can help to get back courts and the Fourth Estate - the true defenders of democracy

btw: i wonder, how big the victory would have been if the election would have been a fair one

Thu Nov 09, 01:37:00 AM  
Anonymous Nemo said...

i wonder, how big the victory would have been if the election would have been a fair one. ==== Again: Like so much of what you've written above, that pondering in particular strikes a deep chord with me. I woke up this morning thinking to myself, "I can't believe the Democrats actually DID win control", strictly from the same type of reasoning -- obviously, there must have been a HUGE rout of Republikan incumbents in the true public consensus, whereas we're likely only seeing the tip of the iceberg due to the massive, pre-existing corruption of our E-lection apparatus. (Nationwide, nearly 10,000 reported incidents of fraud came in during the voting, and yet the tide was *nevertheless* turned. So indeed! How many Republikans would still be left in office had the process been a notably clean one?) ==== I certainly will not be "lulled" by this merely nominal transition. I look to the reinstated Democratic majority in Congress to follow through completely on their investigative pledges, AND proceed vigorously in whatever direction the evidence takes them. The prior "overlords" are hardly the type of people one simply "turns the other cheek" with, unless one is looking forward to be battered on *both* sides. Clinton learned that lesson the hard way. And now it's a matter of record, so there's no excuse for any faux complacency. The actual work has yet to begin, and "Samson" sorely needs to re-grow his locks to tear down this temple of vice.

Thu Nov 09, 12:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Nemo said...

And lest we forget, regarding the rebalancing of the Senate, Bernie Sanders (Viva!) is certainly NO Fascist stooge: New Vermont Senator Not Standard Fare, by Amy Goodman [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

Thu Nov 09, 01:28:00 PM  
Blogger politiques USA said...

Check this out:

War Crimes Suit Prepared against Rumsfeld

The president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, Michael Ratner, is heading to Germany today to file a new case charging outgoing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld with war crimes for authorizing torture at Guantanamo Bay.

2 more to go

Thu Nov 09, 11:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Nemo said...

EXCELLENT! My sentiments exactly and, I suspect, representative of the opinion of MOST of the country and the world: When is a Crime so Great it Shouldn't be Acknowledged?, by Robert Shetterly ==== [Now, ON with the tribunals -- IMPEACH, PROSECUTE, and SENTENCE appropriately!!!]

Fri Nov 10, 02:51:00 PM  
Anonymous UT said...

Hi Again, I saw earlier your post in one thread below I believe, the post about the laws in the US. I will try to help you tomorrow if possible. But the laws system in the US is first to the mercy of the big corporations, it is completely different from european laws and even our french napoleonic institutions that still exist such as civic right, work right, and inspired laws in the Middle-East or Northern Africa, under unfortunately the colonization periods, in Marocco, Algeria and even Iraq.

Fri Nov 10, 06:13:00 PM  
Anonymous UT said...

When is a Crime so Great it Shouldn't be Acknowledged? . I read it and we should never forget it is the defeat of the Nazi Germany that allowed the Nuernberg trials to take place. The Democrats won't even change a thing about the war in Iraq, they even call it now a "bipartisan" issue. Yesterday I wrote a post on my blog about why Rumsfeld departure won't even change a thing in Iraq under Robert Gates. Robert Gates is a CIA guy who took part under Reagan to the Iran contra, and he had been involved in documents' falsification, the same way Rumsfeld and other people from the Bush administration did a few years ago to make their case in Iraq. All these people are reaganists with the same strategy since the coldwar: it is about the american hegemony against other incoming superpowers (China, Russia, India). In the US, they are going to debate about the image of this country, they are going to talk about an exit strategy when there is absolutely no exit strategy at all. The US troops are in Iraq to stay "the curse". How can any Democracy triumphes when we know for a fact that Americans vote against Republicans because they are just sick of this war iraq? This is why we need to endorse any Democrat that is willing to backup in a statement a US pullout from Iraq. I don't beleive in these third-party votes, the system has been constructed only between Democrats and Republicans: at a presidential level it is harder to make thing change than at a local level (for example this US socialist who was elected in VT state). Anyway, it is harder in the US to say "I am a socialist" for cultural and historical reasons. Americans usually think about the Soviet-Union, and all of these bad stuffs that happened in Europe, they forgot all the real good stuffs such as healthcare, retirement plan, nationalization of hospitals, free education, all these good things that are considered as UNIVERSAL for us socialists.

I also found a very good link, worth reading on the World Socialist website:

Rumsfeld’s firing: First casualty of post-election crisis in US

Read it, very interesting, I found this article this morning after I wrote my little article in french on my blog last nite. I share completely the ideas of WSW.

Also I don't know if it is a coincidence but the elections are over and gas prices are going up again.

Fri Nov 10, 06:55:00 PM  
Anonymous Nemo said...

UT: You beat me to the punch above. Gates is definitely bad news -- a politically biased "spook" who's repeatedly been up to no good! Here's still more on Scumsfeld's supposedly "bipartisan" replacement -- yet another reinstated Reagan era Republican stooge, just as you said. Sadly, this "presidency" never seems to run out of "pardoned" GOP convicts and other notoriously shadey characters to recycle back into its midst. As for Gates, "NO WAY, JOSE'!" We've had more than enough of "spook government"under this despicable NeoConNazi junta: Rumsfeld's Replacement: The Robert Gates File, by James Ridgeway ==== Washington Dispatch: Iran-Contra figure, regime-change enthusiast, alleged intelligence manipulator -- meet Robert Gates, the man who's poised to be the next Secretary of Defense. ==== And the Democrats had *better* be prepared to take up Impeachment, or they risk losing whatever tenuous hold they now have in Congress. "Civility and bipartisanship" should come only *after* they're truly warranted -- when the remaining felons have been evicted from office and tried -- not before! This *is* legitimately a defeat for the Repugs, likely far more overwhelming than the vote "tallies" show. But if the Democrats don't act to restore justice and accountability in this government, they might as well just start installing the "revolving doors" now. These GOP racketeers, who defrauded the country for six miserable years, are not people to now be "reasoned with"; they're criminals fit to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. ==== I think (and hope) you may be wrong about getting out of Iraq. But as for the gas prices, I not only noticed that curious increase, I'd expected it, based on some savvy commentary a while ago. And, sure enough!

Fri Nov 10, 09:16:00 PM  
Anonymous UT said...

But as for the gas prices, I not only noticed that curious increase, I'd expected it, based on some savvy commentary a while ago. And, sure enough!
Oil barrel price as of today is below $50 in Venezuela for example, and around $61 a barrel with OPEC. Even with $61 a barrel, there is no valid explaination in my opinion that oilprices have to go up again in the US.

Truth of the matter is the oil prices have slumped only since countries like Russia, China or France opposed UN sanctions against Iran. In the US the Bush administration played the rollercoaster with oilprices inflating artificially the prices since Iran negotiates exclusively its sphere of influence by granting oil contracts to countries that are willing to protect Iran against the Bush administration. The downfall of retaliating against Iran is that the growth rate of the US is largely interdependent with oilprices: the cheaper oilprices are, the better Americans will drive around in their cars to buy products to satisfy their needs (economic cycle).

Here is a graph:

The other downfall is what is trying to be accomplished inside the Middle-East from Iran to Iraq. I am pretty sure that the stability of Iraq is going to be renegotiated with oil contracts, but since the shift has already been made with Iran, because oil contracts from Iraq had been stolen by the Bush administration and its illegal war, there won't be any foreign country willing to take part into Iraq stabilization. Besides, a few weeks ago, Russia became one of the main suppliers in gaz resources for Europe, it is going to be harder for Europe to be nationally independent geopolitically on the eurasian continent.

Sat Nov 11, 11:16:00 AM  
Anonymous UT said...

But Poland the pro-NATO is mad:

Poland is threatening to veto a new EU-Russia "Strategic Partnership Treaty" unless the text calls on Russia to ratify an earlier Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) on gas and oil market access, in the latest in a line of unilateral positions taken by Warsaw.

Asked by EUobserver in Warsaw on Thursday (9 November) if Poland would block the EU's common position on the Strategic Partnership Treaty if it does not contain an explicit call for ECT ratification, Poland's Europe minister Witold Sobkow answered "Yes, without any problems."

"We want Russia to respect what is written in the existing [treaties]," he added. "We want to talk to Russia, we don't want to isolate it. We want to start from a position of friendship but also to speak with a strong voice. This is what we think knowing Russia, knowing how it works."

Warsaw threatening to veto new EU-Russia pact

Sat Nov 11, 10:27:00 PM  

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